Anarchist madness, the accusation of Isabella Rauti: there is an international leadership against us

Yesterday, Iveco Defense Vehicles received, at its headquarters in Bolzano, a threatening letter, also containing a bullet, from the Informal Anarchist Federation. The day before, Isabella Rauti, Undersecretary of Defense and Senator of the Brothers of Italy had visited that company. Yesterday, as soon as the news of the new bullying broke out, he immediately expressed solidarity. Speaking on the phone with Il Tempo, shortly afterwards he explained that the company in question is “an Italian excellence in the sector of defense vehicles, both in the national and international market”.

What do these threats show?

“It cannot be excluded, given the timing, that there is a link between my visit and this threat received. This act is part of what appears to be an international leadership in a network of anarchists who are launching threatening messages with numerous initiatives. From the Italian embassies in several European cities, as the recent attacks demonstrate, to the threats that hit not only Iveco but, as is known, also some political and government personalities. The attempt to feed a climate of hatred and tension is evident, but the State is stronger: it does not hesitate and does not bow to these gestures. If anyone thinks of plunging Italy into dark years, he is very much mistaken.”

How troubling is the evidence of an international dimension to this phenomenon?

«No sign of those that follow can be underestimated, and indeed it is not underestimated. The attention remains high and we will not be intimidated».

This wave of violence, practiced or evoked, stems from the anarchist exponent Alfredo Cospito, arrested, and from the battle that, through the hunger strike, he wages against 41 bis. A theme that also affects the mafia. If the link between Cospito and some bosses is proven, can we assume a “welding” between the anarchist reality and the reality of the mafia even at the “base” level?

“We cannot rule it out, but I have no elements to confirm.”

Source: IL Tempo