De Luca avalanche against Stoltenberg: “Sad man, urgently hand him over to social services”

Vincenzo De Luca doesn’t shy away from controversies and this time he clashes with Jens Stoltenberg. The Governor of Campania, during the usual Friday live broadcast on his Facebook page, attacked NATO’s number one: “Sometimes we have sad news. Saddest of all is a man named Stoltenberg, who happens to be Secretary General of NATO, who has just said that we must produce more ammunition, more weapons, more cannons. These statements confirm the urgency of handing him over to social services”.

Where did the innocence of the exponent of the left come from? In fact, NATO invested in ammunition to help Ukraine in the war against Russia: the countries of the Atlantic Alliance are increasing the production of 155 mm artillery shells and must increase it even more to help Kiev. “It is obvious that we have to spend more, if it was right to commit to spending 2% in 2014, now it is even more. Because we live in a more dangerous world. My thinking is that, instead of changing the 2%, I think we should move from considering 2% as a ceiling to considering 2% of GDP as a baseline minimum” Stoltenberg’s statements that led to De Luca’s response.

Source: IL Tempo