National Army extends founding day dates

There is still time to enter the national army. This is because the Recruiting and Reserve Control Command has extended the deadline throughout the national territory to include volunteers in its ranks.

At the national level, it will therefore be attended until February 25.

In the city of Barranquilla, the service is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

It is important to note that the military district No. 10 is located on Calle 79 with Carrera 68 in Barrio Paraíso, in Barranquilla.

The requirements that people want to join must be: be Colombian, be over 18 years old with 1 day left to turn 24 years old.

Registration must be done through the web portal:

This process seeks to integrate the most qualified human talent, capable citizens across the country who wish to join the institution and who will receive the following benefits, among others:

1. Priority and general health services, as well as attention to basic needs.

2. Provision of clothing or equipment necessary for use during their service and at the time of graduation with a plainclothes donation equal to 1 SMMLV ($1,160,000).

3. Accommodation and food during the stay, with quality standards set by the nutrition committee.

4. Transport for your transfer to the place of destination, your support during the trip and the return to your home after permit or discharge.

5. Monthly bonus during the time of military service equal to $ 348,000 for the year 2023, money that, along with the other economic benefits received for providing the service, will be deposited in your savings account, in the dynamics of the banking project that you lead the armed forces; This contributes to the process of starting and strengthening your credit life and starting to manage banking products.

6. Bonus in the month of December equal to $348,000 for those soldiers who complete their military service.

7. An additional monthly recognition of $55,570 will be obtained by those who stand out in providing their service as a dragon master.

8. Training to adapt to your return home in the last month of your military service.

9. Optional and voluntary orientation in some productive labor training programs of the National Apprenticeship Service, SENA.

10. Obtain credit from Icetex.

11. Licenses and proportional economic reimbursement of the food.

12. Discount and institutional study for the award of zero financial lessons in the military career in the various training schools (officer, non-commissioned officer and professional soldier).

13. The time the citizen has remained in military service is calculable, that is to say it is taken into account for the sum of the weeks of contributions to public and private pension funds. In the institutions of the Public Force, it will be calculated for the purposes of severance pay and seniority bonus according to the terms of the law.

14. Obtain a physical and digital first-class reservist card with electronic proof, accreditation that allows you to receive priority access to programs or policies for job creation and promotion of job engagement.

15. Priority access to training under the Public Employment Service policy.

16. These young people can very well support the work of environmental conservation with their military service, they will provide road safety, help with humanitarian care and situations that need it; They will also be able to perform administrative tasks, strengthening the institutional mission of the National Army of Colombia.

In this way, the National Army reaffirms its determination to continue contributing to the social development of the country, promoting social inclusion and improving the human capital of Colombians.

Source: El Heraldo