Parliament approves confidence in government on Milleproroghe decree

The Chamber of Deputies approved the question of confidence regarding the government’s milleproroghe decree with 198 votes in favor and 128 against (4 abstentions). Final approval for the measure is no different than the one that was thrown by the Senate. We are moving on to the agenda reviews for the text, which will be voted on Thursday, February 23, when the final and final vote of the article is expected.

Meanwhile, the majority rejoices. “By giving the green light to the Milleproroghe Decree, the Brothers of Italy and the centre-right government confirm their intention to continue on the path of tangibility and investment for Italy’s future. It is a politically-intentioned measure that puts families and businesses in a difficult position.” in the centre,” says Carmen Letizia Giorgianni of Fratelli d’Italia, in her vote of confidence in the Milleproroghe Decree.

“With the expansion of rules that allow national healthcare companies and agencies to continue hiring fixed-term staff, we are intervening above all to fill dangerous gaps that may be created in the healthcare field. extending up to, expensive bills,” he concluded.

Opponents take the opposite view. “This milleproroghe is above all a missed opportunity, today we as the Italian Progressive Democratic Party group will faithfully affirm our disbelief, a verdict that once again betrays the improvisation and incompetence of this government.” Thus Maria Cecilia Guerra, on behalf of her group, in the declaration of the vote for the milleproroghe decree.

The decree, which was extensively overhauled during the Senate review, provides, among other things, to extend the ban on beach concessions by one year and delay terms, as well as set up a table on the matter at Palazzo Chigi. for beach mapping. Then there is the extension of smart work for vulnerable workers and children under 14 in the private sector until the end of June. The milleproroghe, which has a broad health package, includes the extension of the electronic prescription as well as the refinancing of the national cancer plan.

Source: Today IT