What happened to Alfredo Cospito?

Tomorrow, Friday, February 24, will be a key day in the judicial case of anarchist Alfredo Cospito, who has been on hunger strike for four months to protest 41 bis. The appeal essentially envisions the parliamentary chamber, which will have to consider the appeal filed by defense lawyer Flavio Rossi Albertini, after the Supervisory Court said “no” to the complaint the criminal lawyer wanted to set aside. of harsh prison ordered for four years.

Cospito is currently hospitalized at the San Paolo hospital in Milan. His condition remains critical even after he starts taking salt and potassium supplements, but he is ready to return to full fasting if the outcome of tomorrow’s trial is negative, according to the advocate.

The High judges are therefore called upon to decide to reject the application, revoke the Custody measure, or return the documents to Piazzale Clodio for a new consideration, reaffirming the 55-year-old’s hard sentence. The second hypothesis was prompted by Attorney General Pietro Gaeta, who presented his indictment on February 8. According to the prosecutor, “a lack of reality regarding moments of connection” emerges from the Surveillance measure with anarchists. “The verification on this fundamental point – writes pg – does not arise in the justifications of the provision” but cannot be deduced from “necessary” and “entirely and only from the apical role” or its becoming a “point”. he refers to anarchism for his writings and the sentences handed down”. The lawyer hopes for an “undelayed annulment”. “An extension of the decision will render the decision incompatible with the health conditions of the detainee”, Rossi Albertini says in his appeal to the prostitutes that the “Supervision Court” of Cospito (anarchist assemblies or anarchist assemblies) to the so-called ‘pizzini’, which he sent as a personal contribution to the newspapers and which was then equally publicly disclosed by the latter via the web, in well-known areas or on counter-information sites, or back to me, transmitted by the prisoner to the outside, usually through his relatives, and for this purpose typically with an ordinary detention regime. encrypted images utilizing connected under-the-wall and outside contact opportunities”.

Maximum warning on the security front: Police Headquarters strengthened controls around “Palazzaccio”, where at 11:00 a sit-in in support of anarchist militants is planned. Also in Rome, some demonstrators hung a banner and lit some smoke bombs at the Altare della Patria (four of which were identified by the police), while in Trento there was a sign reading “Close the 41bis, abolire l’ergastolo ostativo, Alfredo dal 41 BIS”. banner appeared. “.

Anarchist attack on Altare della Patria

Source: Today IT