Alfredo Cospito stuck at 41 bis: appeal dismissed

Alfredo Cospito remains 41 ens. This was determined by the Appeal, which dismissed the objection presented by the anarchist’s defense against the harsh prison regime. The decision came at the end of the parliamentary session, which began at 10 am on Friday (February 24th).

As soon as the pro-Cospito demonstrators heard the news, the voice rising outside the Supreme Court “The Murderers”.

The decision was expected to come quickly. The high judges brought forward the date of the congress twice, taking into account the health condition of Cospito, who has been on hunger strike for 4 months and has lost more than 45 kilograms. The anarchist was held in the Sassari prison, then the Sai pavilion (intensive health care, ed) and was eventually taken to the San Paolo hospital, which had a ward for inmates in the prison. However, based on the Supreme Court’s decision, Cospito started taking supplements for a few days, but his health condition remains serious.

Anarchist sit-in: “Hell if Alfredo dies”

The Cospito case is certainly one of the toughest cases and one of the most media attention. Access to the Court in connection with the negotiation session was protected by public power and did not attend, meaning neither lawyers nor representatives of the prosecution were present. First, they filed a written complaint.

Anarchists held a sit-in outside the Supreme Court in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito. They put up some banners. One reads “Democratic state tortures with 41 bis”, another reads “Prisons kill”.

“The demonstrations and marches are over. The time of struggle begins today. We will not let Alfredo die until we have tried everything. He reveals his life, we reveal ourselves. If Alfredo dies, he will die.” Anarchist Lello Valitutti’s words ‘there will be a hell of a fight for the rich in this country’ with a megaphone in front of the Supreme Court. “Comrades of the Red Brigade in 41 bis” were commemorated during the rally.

Just hours ago, on Thursday (23 February), activists raided Rome’s Altare della Patria. Smoke grenades were lit and a banner read “Italy tortures 41bis with Alfredo”. It is the latest in a long line of pro-Cospito demonstrations, including violent ones in Italy and abroad.

What happened to Alfredo Cospito?

Supreme Court decision on Cospito

There were three possible ways of appeal:

  • Accept the appeal by removing the ‘special’ regime from Cospito;
  • cancel by postponing, ie return documents to the Surveillance Department for a new evaluation;
  • reject the request

Attorney General Pietro Gaeta had requested the postponement of the Surveillance provision, adjourning the documents for further consideration. “In the motivation of the order under discussion, a lack of reality emerges in relation to the moments of connection with association – writes Gaeta – that allows the survival of the defensive stigma, in which the special condition of interpenetration is justified only by the need for inclusion of ideological extremism “.

But on February 9, Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio rejected the defense’s request, approving 41 bis for Cospito. Nordio’s decision came after the views of the Turin Prosecutor General’s Office, which opposed the abolition of the harsh prison, and the National Mafia and Anti-Terrorism Directorate instead, which “opened” to the possibility of high security. prison.

This is – precisely – the Supreme Court’s decision: “It rejects the appeal and orders the appellant to pay the costs of the proceedings”.

Who is Alfredo Cospito and why is he in jail?

Born in Pescara in 1967, Alfredo Cospito is considered one of the leading figures in the Turin anarchist world. He is believed to be one of the leaders of the unofficial anarchist federation Fai, which consists of several groups committed to revolutionary armed intimidation and is considered by researchers to be a terrorist criminal organization.

Cospito has been in prison for 10 years for being shot in the legs of Ansaldo Nucleare CEO Roberto Adinolfi in 2012. An attack undertaken by Olga della Fai Nucleus in a letter to Corriere della Sera. Cospito was arrested almost instantly with his accomplice and friend Nicola Gai, who was freed in 2020 after his sentence was reduced on appeal.

While in prison, Cospito was also charged with the 2006 attack on the Carabinieri School in Fossano, in Cuneo state, whose explosion did not cause any casualties. Despite this, the Supreme Court reformulated the charge against the detainee in the massacre against the security of the state, a crime that also carries a life sentence. After six years in the High Security regime, the transition to the 41 bis regime took place. The decision was also taken because of his correspondence with anarchists and magazines in the industry for the last 10 years. Cospito was the first anarchist to finish in 41 bis.

What happens to Cospito when the appeal is “no”?

Cospito therefore remains at 41 bis. He recently told his lawyer, Flavio Albertini Rossi, who went to see him at the San Paolo hospital several times, and his advocate’s aides, that he would stop using it if the Supreme Court made a negative decision about him. 41 bis. Some of his values, which had reached the minimum thresholds that were dangerous for his health, had improved thanks to the supplements.

“Death sentence for Cospito”

It was learned that the sentence that the Supreme Court of Appeals approved 41 bis to Alfredo Cospito was “death penalty”.To do, by lawyer Flavio Rossi Albertini.

The Cospito case and political chaos

The Cospito case also had political repercussions. Under-Secretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro is being investigated by Rome prosecutors as part of the “disclosure and use of official secrecy” investigation. The prosecutor’s investigation began following a complaint submitted by MP for Alleanza Verdi and Sol Angelo Bonelli after Italy’s Brotherhood MP Giovanni Donzelli intervened in the House of Representatives last January 31 in connection with the Cospito case. Intervention that exposed conversations in prison in recent months between an anarchist, a member of the ‘Ndrangheta’, and someone from Camorra. These speeches, made public by Donzelli, were included in a service report of the prison police sent by the Prison Administration to Undersecretary Delmastro.

Source: Today IT