Balneari, the Meloni government seeks a solution after the Mattarella recall

First clash between Palazzo Chigi and Quirinale since the establishment of Meloni’s government. “Compared to the norm that is formally in force, what the Head of State recalled will deserve attention and deepening by the Government in the confrontation with the parliamentary forces”, is the comment that escapes from the Prime Minister after the letter of rebuke from the President of the Republic on the Milleproroghe decree. The observations of the State’s first cabinet are linked to the decision of the executive and the majority to point to the extension of coastal concessions. The Head of State highlighted, among other aspects, “the profiles of incompatibility” of the rules “with European law and with judicial decisions”, referring to the risk of prosecution for administrative offenses and condemnation of beach concessions by the Council of State.

The government has made it clear that it wants to intervene, majority parliamentary sources report that there would have been an interlocution between Palazzo Chigi and the Quirinale before the Colle issued the letter. In short, what is intended is to avoid – noted a ‘large’ of the forces that support the government – any hypothesis of institutional conflict. Meloni – notes a member of the Brethren of Italy – was against Lega and Forza Italia’s amendment to the Milleproroghe in the Senate on the extension of coastal concessions, but prevented the coalition from splitting in the Chamber.

Now, after the intervention of the President of the Republic, many observe that “we certainly cannot close our eyes”. “A solution must be found”, the ‘chorus’. Also because within a few months the European Court of Justice could rule on the matter. The executive is at a crossroads when assessing the modalities and timing of amending the law. It seems that the possibility of revocation and even of an emergency decree within a few days is excluded. The first attempt could be a ‘compromise’ with Europe to avoid confrontation. Before Lega and FI opted to ‘resist’ in the sense of extending the beach concessions, there was an ongoing dialogue between Rome and Brussels. Now the game, with the warning letter from the Head of State, is reopening. But it will depend on the attitude of the political forces. The executive may take time. The ‘deadline’ is set for July 27, a deadline that was extended for the exercise of legislative delegation regarding the mapping of concessions of State assets. It is possible that an ad hoc decree will be reached, but an inter-ministerial table is planned at the Milleproroghe which will, in any case, await the results of the beach mapping process.

Source: IL Tempo