Democratic primaries, Elly Schlein defeats Stefano Bonaccini

Democratic primaries, Elly Schlein defeats Stefano Bonaccini

The main game remained open until the end. The head-to-head vote count took longer than expected. The prediction of the polls in recent days was a clear statement for Stefano Bonaccini. Rather, it was not so. With 80% of the votes counted, when the difference was already insurmountable, Elly Schlein won with 53.80%, the governor stopped at 46.20% despite doing well in some regions of the south. Bonaccini greeted her and promised to help. And he added: “She was better than me”.

In Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Bologna, the first votes already gave the deputy an advantage of more than 60%. «The South is still missing, but we have to endure», the parents explained hopefully. And they were right. While Dario Nardella, coordinator of the Bonaccini movement, admitted that it would not have been a walk in the park: «The game is open. The countdown will be very long: we will have to wait all night. The data arrives slowly, but from the first results it is a beautiful open challenge ». All night was not needed, at 23:20 Bonaccini conceded defeat.

In any case, for the dem, the first victory was participation, although there were far fewer participants than in previous seasons. Since morning, DEM voters and supporters lined up at the bandstands, facing the rain. The “psychological threshold” of one million voters set by the two contenders has been reached. “Well! Lines everywhere for our gazebos. Thank you to the thousands of volunteers who are making an extraordinary day of democracy and participation possible with the #PD Primaries,” wrote Enrico Letta on Twitter.

The outgoing secretary voted for his seat in Testaccio, and in the early afternoon, after nearly 600,000 people had cast their ballots by 1 pm, he was the first to throw his heart over the hurdle: “We are going to surpass a million voters,” he told Seguro. In the evening, from the Bonaccini commission, Nardella tried to see the glass half full: “The first data to underline, certainly positive, is the turnout that surpassed one million voters. It is a fact that makes us understand, makes us see that the Democratic Party is more alive than ever, contrary to many readings that have been done since the defeat. It is a fact that rewards volunteers and voters». The faces in the House of Peoples in Casalecchio di Reno, however, were long from the start. A volunteer served tagliatelle to activists and journalists, but the tension was palpable.

Instead, when Schlein arrived at the Spazio Diamante, the Roman theater chosen as the venue, she was greeted with applause and cheers. Then, the representatives of his team gradually arrived in the grand hall: Francesco Boccia, Nicola Zingaretti, Chiara Braga, Alessandro Zan, Cecilia Delia, Marco Sarracino, Antonio Misiani, Marco Furfaro and Michela Di Biase. However, optimism went hand in hand with caution and superstition. So when Bonaccini greeted her, the party began.

Source: IL Tempo