Elly Schlein: Who is the new secretary of the Democratic Party?

Elly Schlein won the primary, surprisingly defeating Stefano Bonaccini: the new secretary of the Democratic Party, the party’s first female secretary. “Democratic people are alive, there and ready to stand up again with a clear line. The aim is to put the struggle against all inequalities and insecurity at the center. We will be a problem for the Meloni government,” he said. at the center of the selection committee. So who is Elly Schlein, a former Member of the European Parliament and now a Member of Parliament? From volunteering for Obama in the United States to the 2020 regional election campaign and the 2022 national campaign, here’s his story.

“A left party, not a centre”

Elly Schlein, whose real name is Elena Ethel Schlein, comes from an Italian-American family. His maternal grandfather, Agostino Viviani, was a prominent Siena and anti-fascist lawyer, while his paternal grandfather, Harry Schlein, had immigrated to the United States and came from a Jewish family in Lviv. Born on May 4, 1985 in Switzerland to an Italian mother and an American father (both university professors), Schlein lives in Bologna, where he also graduated from law school. She has a sister named Susanna, a diplomat who was the victim of an attack in Athens last year, and a brother, she.

In his speech where he announced his candidacy, he talked about work and insecurity, rights, social and environmental justice. According to Schlein, the Democratic Party “must go back to being a left-wing party that represents the underdog, and move away from the impulses of the ruling class that have pushed it to the center in recent years”. Very shy about her private life, she said in a television interview a few years ago that she “loves many men and many women.” And she revealed she has a partner who “is not a public figure and doesn’t want to be.” Passionate about cinema, a fastidious visitor to the Locarno film festival, he collaborated on a documentary that won David di Donatello. He is also very passionate about music: he plays the guitar and is a fan of the Sanremo festival.

Schlein, who volunteered in Barack Obama’s election campaign in his youth, launched “OccupyPd”, an experience born in 2013 to protest the 101 that overturned Romano Prodi’s election at the Quirinale, along with other “OccupyPd”, an experience he described on a blog. . They put forward 102 ideas to change the centre-left. The following year, he was a candidate for the European elections with Pd lists and was elected. In the European Parliament, Schlein was mainly concerned with immigration. For two years he was the European Socialists’ rapporteur on the reform of the Dublin Regulation on the right to asylum. Along with Popolari and Liberali, Schlein found a compromise to change the regulation by automating the resettlement of immigrants to other European countries, but Parliament’s final proposal was never approved by the Council.

Meanwhile, when Matteo Renzi became the head of the party, he left the Democratic Party together with Pippo Civati, who founded Possibile, and later left this party. He decides not to stand for re-election in the European elections and returns to the field for the regional elections in January 2020, giving life to the eco-progressive group “Emilia-Romagna Coraggiosa” with the aim of bringing together all left forces. those who supported Bonaccini at that moment were violently threatened by the centre-right. In the end, the League is not victorious and Bonaccini becomes governor of Emilia-Romagna. Schlein’s list contributes 3.8%, but holds the preference record with 22,000 personal votes: in Bologna alone, it gets more than the big names in the Democratic Party. He attends, and Bonaccini gives him the position of vice president along with the welfare delegation, a role he has assumed for the past three years.

Schlein rose to prominence as a candidate in the general election in 2022 and won a seat in the House, despite not being registered with the Democratic Party. He later resigned from the position of regional vice president. Two weeks after Stefano Bonaccini took the field, and after some thought with a few targeted public statements, he announced his decision to run for Democratic Party secretary. Particularly appreciated by voters are Schlein’s fights for gender equality, youth unemployment, minority rights and LGBTQIA+ people, as well as immigrants. Schlein is a staunch European: he argues that European institutions must take a greater share of power than ever before by distancing them from nation-states.

Source: Today IT