Beppe Fioroni is leaving the Democratic Party, Catholics are fleeing Elly Schlein’s party?

Beppe Fioroni left Pd. According to many observers, he may be one of the first popular Catholics to leave the Democrats after Elly Schlein’s victory in the primary. “I’ve always been someone with my suitcases, and this time I know the time has come,” says Beppe Fioroni, historical director of Margherita, one of the founders of the Democratic Party, interviewed by Adnkronos. I note the marginalization of the popular and democratic Catholic experience”.

Elly Schlein

He has no doubts about Fioroni’s choice: “For me, Schlein’s victory represents the end of a political cycle. ‘Bonaccini even takes the initiative with Fioroni…’ said Schlein, how much room can there be for us?”

However, Fioroni has no intention of quitting politics. “We can’t give up. Indeed, what happened should be seen as a call to action for us democratic Catholics. Together with other friends, we have created a network where we are reconstructing the public space that is divided and that we have in this country. I believe there is a need. One who can represent the causes and passions of a voiceless electorate.” We must work to build a new political project”. A human looking at the construction site of the only party of the Third Pole? No, let’s think about ourselves for now.”

Source: Today IT