Migrants, the left speculates about the dead. Schlein: inhuman government

Migrants, the left speculates about the dead.  Schlein: inhuman government

Exploring, playing a drama from the wrong point of view. Yesterday’s Crotone tragedy lit the left’s arrows on legislation passed by the government to regulate NGO activity. A question that concerns the too many cases of irregularity that have marked the activity of these organizations and, therefore, unrelated to what happened. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani explained, speaking about “More half an hour”, a program presented by Lucia Annunziata: “NGOs have nothing to do with this: those who claim this do so only for mere speculation politics”. And again, he added: “no one makes war on NGOs, the government has given rules. It’s good for NGOs to save. But if they agree or wait for smugglers to bring people, they won’t rescue anyone anymore, Frontex too said it”.

The reference is to the European agency’s document on the substantial “pull factor”, that is, the effect of encouraging exits, exercised by these organisations. Tajani continues: “NGOs can do rescues, they can do one, if they do four it means they have an appointment. They cannot run back and forth.

The government law remained in the crosshairs throughout yesterday. “The war against NGOs is meaningless”, observes Stefano Bonaccini, who continues: “Stopping smugglers is a priority, as an absolute priority must be saving lives at sea”. Elly Schlein, in turn, defines the government’s measures as “inhuman”.

Still from the dead, Giuseppe Provenzano observes: “Faced with the shipwreck, the tragedy of Crotone, it is time for silence and pain. But who speculated about the dead? Who declared a mad war against NGOs discouraging relief efforts». From Alleanza Verdi and Sinistra also comes an invitation to undo the role of the law. Senator Peppe De Cristofaro notes: “The government needs to be consistent with the condolences expressed to the victims by immediately canceling the decree on NGOs, which effectively impedes the saving of human lives.”

The leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi also adheres to this line: “the traffickers of men must be blocked, not the NGOs and the volunteers who try to save lives”. Obviously, the PNA could not be missing: “Reflecting the policy, let the government do so with its inhumane guidelines on aid, on NGOs, on the reception that has become a mirage for many migrants”, says the Calabrian section of the association in a note . A Saturday of demagoguery, which once again brings a period theme back to the foundation of a purely ideological confrontation.

Source: IL Tempo