Elly Schlein’s “new” Pd reboots from sardines and the usual greats

Elly Schlein’s “new” Pd reboots from sardines and the usual greats

With the advent of the first woman at the head of the Democratic Party, there are also changes in the main roles of the party. Mostly all male names, but on the other hand in the party cast by Elly Scheil the “women’s question” for decades was declined in words only, with the dem cadres dominated by men. But who makes up Schlein’s “team”? To map the new, so to speak, the PD is the Corriere that recalls the many big names in the party who supported the candidacy in the PD primaries: Dario Franceschini, Nicola Zingaretti, Francesco Boccia, Andrea Orlando, whom Schlein however guarantees have not promised anything.

But important roles are expected for Michela Di Biase, among other things, Franceschini’s wife, and Stefano Vaccari, manager of the party’s national organization. “The list also includes the Sardines, the activist movement born in Bologna in 2019, with a familiar face Mattia Santori. Perhaps a surprise, certainly an enemy, since that association “from below” was created precisely to support Bonaccini in the elections for the second term as president of Emilia-Romagna”, recalls the background.

Other names include Schlein spokesman Flavio Alivernini and Schlein motion promoter Marco Furfaro. The turn to the left would materialize more strongly for exponents like Nico Stumpo and Arturo Scotto, from article one, Giuseppe Provenzano. Tris of women then with Stefania Bonaldi, former mayor of Crema, Chiara Gribaudo and Chiara Braga, vying for a vacancy.

Source: IL Tempo