Center, the return of the Christian Democrats is already a reality

Center, the return of the Christian Democrats is already a reality

The new Christian Democracy 3.0 is born. The announcement was made by Gianfranco Rotondi, president of ‘Green is popular’, who explains to Adnkronos that he closed an agreement with Lorenzo Cesa’s UDC to join forces under the sign of DC. To speed up the process of unification, the victory of Elly Schlein in the Democratic Party primaries, which according to the Christian Democrat exponent, formerly of Forza Italia elected in the latest policies with the Brothers of Italy in an armored seat, opened a gap in the center to be filled with all the centrist forces that are there. “An agreement was made with Lorenzo Cesa and Antonio De Poli, to reunite the two centre-right Christian Democratic parties”, the UDC and Verde are popular, guarantees Rotondi.

Will there therefore be a new centrist political formation with a new symbol? Rotondi responds: “The most popular hypothesis is to reassume the name Christian Democracy to also involve the numerous parties that in recent years have tried to reactivate the historic DC”. The historic DC logo will remain untouched: “The symbol remains the crossed shield I posted on social media today, and in perspective the words ‘Green is popular’ and ‘UDC’ may be removed.”

The Democratic Party remade the PCI. and we with@L_Cesawe follow…

— Gianfranco Rotondi (@grotondi)
February 27, 2023

Source: IL Tempo