Giorgia Meloni calls Elly Schlein: “I expect very strong opposition”

Giorgia Meloni reaffirms the persuasive support of Italy and its government in favor of Ukraine. Interviewing Bruno Vespa for the first episode of “Cinque minuti”, the Prime Minister said: “I understand all the difficulties and doubts of the citizens, but I also believe that it should be clear that if we do not support it, it is an illusion to think about it. We will have the Ukrainians, not peace, but an invasion. and this invasion would bring war closer to home, that’s the scenario.”

Then he added: “Italy does not change its position from day to day. “What we do for the Ukrainians also concerns the civilian population. Nobody says we are bringing electricity generators to Ukraine. There are people who are in danger of dying of cold and without electricity. Children, families, normal people are attacking with bombing missiles. Strategic infrastructures to bend the population in the cold, hunger, darkness. I’m proud and I believe Italians should be proud of what we’ve done to defend these families, and because Italy doesn’t change its ‘other’ position overnight. I’m in government, I want to represent this Italy. ‘We don’t get anything from the Italians,’ he explained – something that might affect the Italians as well. We are sending weapons to Kiev to prevent war”.

And finally he warns: “I’ve also heard that we don’t have money for the Italians and instead spend the money on guns, which is a hoax: we don’t spend money to buy the guns we send to the Ukrainians. Fortunately we already have guns that we don’t believe we have to use today. We take nothing from the Italians to ward off the war”.

Call to Elly Schlein

Meloni also comments on the outcome of the Democratic Party primaries: “I think it’s a very interesting scenario, I called Elly Schlein – she explains – to wish her personally to wish him too, frankly I expect very strong opposition, I opposed very strong opposition. The clash of Ideas has never worried or frightened me. I’m definitely ready to compare and I wish you more study.”


Finally, the president also touches on the issue of immigration following the tragedy in Crotone that killed more than 60 people. “The only way to take this issue seriously in a humanitarian way is to stop the departures and we need a Europe on this issue,” he says. That is why, in addition to declaring my willingness to act quickly, I am sending a letter today to the Council of Europe and the European Commission demanding immediate implementation of the issues we discussed at the last European Council.”

Source: Today IT