Schlein displaces the opposition. And Calenda wants to cannibalize the Democratic Party

Elly Schlein’s surprise victory displaces the other opposition forces somewhat. With his election as secretary of the Democratic Party, the political picture changes with regard to the hypothesis – until the day before considered more likely – of success of his rival Stefano Bonaccini. In the Montecitorio Transatlantic, the most recurrent analysis – according to the sources consulted – is that a more left-leaning PD could fight some battles with the 5 Star Movement and that the two parties could end up speaking to the same electorate, ‘fighting’ for consensus and Leaving free spaces in the center in favor of the Third Pole. It is no coincidence that today the M5S are open to dialogue, but at the same time they closely mark their own themes, from the environment to the fight against poverty, from job insecurity to peace in Ukraine. For his part, Carlo Calenda labels both the new dem course and the Cinquestelle “populists” and opens the doors to those whom Maria Elena Boschi defines, in unequivocal terms, “the disillusioned of the Democratic Party”.

In the Movement, the line continues the one given yesterday by the leader Giuseppe Conte: “PD voters asked for a change in relation to who exchanged Conte 2 measures on work, environment, poverty, support for companies and the middle class with the agenda empty Draghi, we already have clear projects on these issues for some time”. In short, the grillini are ready to claim the birthright “for the battles that we fight even alone and for the concrete proposals put on paper, starting with the minimum wage”, underlines a parliamentary source of the M5S, and “we are confident that in some of these Now we’re going to talk about things to respond to citizens’ emergencies.” There is openness to dialogue about these contents. “Your victory can be a great help for the battles that the 5 Star Movement has been waging inside and outside Parliament”, says the leader of the group in the Chamber, Francesco Silvestri, while the vice-president of the Senate, Mariolina Castellone, asks her to have “more courage than those who preceded” on the “themes of the M5S”, going so far as to hope “that the Democratic Party starts now also talking about peace”.

In front of the Third Pole, leader Calenda is clear: “After Schlein’s election the field is well defined: PD/5S in radical populist positions; FdI leads the right; the Third Pole representing reformists, liberal and popular democrats. Tomorrow an open and inclusive construction site will begin to reach a single party. Open doors “, he writes on Twitter, anticipating the content of the political committee of Action-Italia viva that will be held tomorrow and in which Matteo Renzi is also expected. The former DEM secretary today opts for silence and does not comment on Schlein’s election. Boschi sums it up: “With Elly Schlein’s victory, the Democratic Party sees itself competing with the M5S” while “there is no more space for those who are reformists”, because “the radical left has won” and therefore – phrases – “opens becomes a space for the disillusioned of the Democratic Party”.

Source: IL Tempo