Schlein, Renzi prepares to conquer all the disillusioned of the new Pd

Schlein, Renzi prepares to conquer all the disillusioned of the new Pd

It is too early to say what will happen on the center left after Elly Schlein wins the Nazarene. Three things, however, are certain. The first is that the current map that outlines the political forces within the so-called center-left will soon be old paper. The second, talking about “finally change” in the Democratic Party due to the arrival of the young new secretary seems to be fake news. Suffice it to say that Schlein, politically, was born with Romano Prodi and behind his victory is the old guard of the party, from Massimo D’Alema to Nicola Zingaretti, from Goffredo Bettini to Pierluigi Bersani, in addition to the current leaders who in recent years have conditioned the party picks more than anyone else: Dario Franceschini and Andrea Orlando. In addition to “change”. The third, Schlein’s victory definitively closes the season for “Renzismo”. And it is precisely this that could allow the defectors from Article 1 (Roberto Speranza is already on his way) to return to via del Nazareno, forcing the moderates to leave to perhaps land on the third pole of Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi.

On the other hand, among the Democrats there are still many orphans of the former prime minister, among parliamentarians, but also among deputies. And so, while Renzi rejoices in the wings, “partner” Calenda is already at work, emphasizing his own borders: “The Third Pole represents reformists, liberal and popular democrats.” «Tomorrow (today, ed.) an open and inclusive construction site will start arriving at a single party. Doors open”. opening up to the reformists”. Meanwhile, the first landslides are already coming with the sharp left turn of the Democratic Party. “Today it legitimately becomes a leftist party that has nothing to do with our history, with the our values ​​and with our tradition – maintains the founder of the Democratic Party, Beppe Fioroni -. That’s why we created a new network of Catholics and democrats “Popular Platform – New Times” to make it the home of all popular and Catholics marginalized and alienated”. Bad moods also in the Bonaccini area where victory was savored for days, then shattered on the viewpoints: “Now everything depends on her (Schlein, ed)”, is the mantra of these hours. And the subtext is “it’s up to her” if she can keep the party together. “The concern is strong, the risk of a hemorrhage of leaders and voters is concrete”, she explains. “Everything depends on her” also echoes the mayor of Bergamo, the reformist Giorgio Gori, who does not hide this “but there are also risks”.

If the new secretary of the Democratic Party positions the party according to its political profile and the themes of its campaign for the primaries, the displacement to the left of the dem axis will be certified. From here, Schlein will open the hunt for pentastellati to try to gnaw Giuseppe Conte’s votes also through a strategic alliance. Civil rights, migrants, marijuana legalization, yes to basic income, fight against precariousness and fixed-term contracts: these are announced battles typical of a far-left movement party. The same path that Conte chose for the 5 Star Movement. It is no coincidence that the ex-prime minister is on edge after Schlein’s victory. “The PD voters asked for a change in relation to who changed the Conte 2 measures on work, the environment, poverty, support for companies and the middle class with the empty Draghi agenda – he points out – We have already had clear projects on these issues for some time time”. As if to say, this is our territory and we do not accept field invasions. We’ll see.

Source: IL Tempo