Schlein, Prodi’s prophecy: “Opposing this government will not be so difficult”

Schlein, Prodi’s prophecy: “Opposing this government will not be so difficult”

Romano Prodi was one of the most ardent supporters of Elly Schlein’s campaign in the Democratic Party primary, a victory that did not surprise him in the least. The former prime minister, the day after the official inauguration of the new secretary, gave an interview to Repubblica about the problems that Schlein will face: “He will have the same problem he would have if Bonaccini had won, opening himself up to reformism. I would say better, reform reformisms. I know everyone is looking at covenants now, but it’s uninteresting reading right now. Now for the Democratic Party it is a question of involving all the intelligences that run around the country, from associations to NGOs, from the various unions to companies, to involve them in a relaunch project. There are many people who no longer feel represented or even remotely heard. This is the challenge of the Democratic Party, whichever secretary is chosen. Only when you understand who you are can you decide who to ask to share a project.”

What were the secrets of Schlein’s primary victory? Prodi replied: “I would say the same ones that led to the great success of Giorgia Meloni. Desire for change, new faces, new adventures. The problem with the Democratic Party is not its stability, as I often hear repeated, but its capacity for expansion. I return to the theme of involving the reformisms that already exist in the country, because it is an obligatory path. This is the destiny of the Democratic Party and this will be Elly Schlein’s task, if she knows how to play her role better. I can say that I saw it being born and that I faced it many times, even with some lectures from the old professor that I am”.

“The prime minister’s problem – continues Prodi – is another, that of knowing how to govern. And this problem is already evident. I heard Minister Piantedosi say that the only solution for migrants is for them to stay at home. He reminded me of those who, during Covid, said that many died in the hospital and therefore it was better to leave them at home… Opposing this government will not be that difficult. Regarding Schlein – comments the former prime minister – there was a great act of faith, now it is up to her to write and preach the creed. And it will have to be a reformist creed, otherwise the act of faith will disappear as it has with many of the recent Italian phenomena”.

Source: IL Tempo