Bonaccini’s stop: “The one who left the Democratic Party is mistaken”

“I believe whoever comes out of Pd has made a mistake”. Word of Stefano Bonaccini. Nearly 48 hours after his bitter and unexpected defeat against Elly Schlein, the governor of Emilia Romagna is making his stance clear. “Anyone who knows me knows, I have a couple of words before and after: I said I would ask her for help if I had won, I made myself available to help when Elly was victorious. do so—she continues—the opponent is right. The past years have been very painful from quarrels and divisions. That’s what our members and our voters have been waiting for, who have seen leaders split and argue so many times. Now it’s your turn. To be responsible for keeping the party together and making a proposal. For me, there’s every willingness to help keep the party together.”

However, Bonaccini also explains that he has no intention of withdrawing from the national stage: “I got a lot of messages, worried that I’ll be retiring in Emilia Romagna for the next two years. Here’s the commitment to this beautiful region, but I also understand the demand to stay on the ground because the votes gathered are half of the votes in Congress. a little under.” He then clears the area of ​​doubt, intending to put a wheel on the wheels of the new secretary’s car: “Being the leader of the opposition to plot revenge? The only revenge for me is against others. True, the only contribution I want to make is for a revenge within the country, not within the party.” said.

Source: Today IT