Salvini denied authority to comment on Carola Rackete

The Senate Elections and Immunity Junta rejected a request to prosecute Matteo Salvini for his views on Carola Rackete, the commander of the German NGO ship Sea Watch 3, which was tasked with rescuing immigrants during the events. The speaker’s request received 10 favors (against permission), 3 against (2 from Pd and one from M5s), and two abstentions (Ivan Scalfarotto from Italia viva and Ilaria Cucchi from Avs). The request will go to the Chamber for a final decision.

The senators under the presidency of President Dario Franceschini, who is out of office today, decided whether the sentences published on social media by the then Minister of Interior and directed against Carola Rackete, the commander of the German NGO ship Sea Watch 3, were directed at Sea Watch 3, a German non-governmental organization. called to give. He is rescuing immigrants in the Mediterranean, whether they belong to the realm of unquestionability he has as a senator or not.

In the summer of 2019, on Salvini’s social networks, the commander of Sea Watch 3 was appealed as “German mint”, “accomplice of smugglers and traffickers” and “braff”. The Milan trial was interrupted last June until the preliminary question raised by Salvini’s lawyer, Claudia Eccher, who, meanwhile, was a lay member of the CSM, was accepted.

Source: Today IT