Elly Schlein, who leaves the Democratic Party: it’s time to do the math

Elly Schlein, who leaves the Democratic Party: it’s time to do the math

The Pd boat has changed captains, but Schlein will have to sort out the seating issue before talking about the contents. Yes, because it’s one thing to present yourself to deputies and voters as a candidate free from chains, it’s one thing to be secretary of a party that has different souls within it. It is no coincidence that some leaders, like Fioroni, have already left and others, like the mayor of Bergamo Gori, are waiting to see where the new party is going to go. Those who stayed have already started sending messages to test the waters, as Lorenzo Guerini did.

The president of Copasir, the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic, wanted to intervene in support of Ukraine, recalling that the line of Atlanticism “will not be crossed because it was the line that the entire Democratic Party supported from the beginning » . Even outgoing secretary Enrico Letta wanted to intervene on the matter, reiterating how military support for the Ukrainian people “was the right choice, but not a given, and that we will have to be able to claim.”

Warnings Schlein can’t ignore if she doesn’t want to be swallowed up by Internal Affairs. Especially because Elly won with the votes of outsiders, those who are outside the party, as pointed out by a poll by Noto for “Porta a Porta” which shows that 22% of its voters voted for the 5 Star Movement. In addition, the new secretary, out of 107, between the Chamber and the Senate, will only be able to count on 41 dem. For this month of March is the date on which the assembly of the democratic party will take place, it will be important to please not only its own, but also the defeated ones. And then totonomi starts again. The first is Bonaccini himself, who made himself available the day after the beating, rooting for party unity. “Whoever knows me – declared the Modenese governor – knows that I have a word before and after: I said that if I had won I would have asked her to lend a hand, having Elly won, I make myself available to lend a hand”. As to his followers, tempted to flee, he said: “Avoid spills”.

An invitation to unity that sounds a lot like a warning. Precisely to avoid fractures, Schlein would have proposed him the position of president of the party, a hypothesis that was not confirmed, but was not denied either. Another of the eligible names, in the event of Bonaccini’s refusal, would be the mayor of Florence Dario Nardella who, unsurprisingly, was part of the motion in favor of the president of the Emilia Romagna region. Nowadays the names that circulate are the usual ones.

In the Chamber for the position of Serracchiani, current leader of the dem group, the most likely candidates are those of Chiara Braga and Chiara Gribaudo. Only Gribaudo, guest of “Day of the sheep” yesterday, confirmed that there could be a changing of the guard. «The theme is objective – he declared – even Letta changed them when he arrived. It’s up to you to make choices based on your own political lineage.”

Another eligible name is Michela Di Biase. Even if, right at Di Biase, the first reactions were triggered. The profile of the Roman deputy would not be considered suitable for this role. There’s no doubt, though, that Di Biase has racked up credits for the new secretary that she’ll want to somehow make money. Indeed, it seems that it was she who persuaded her husband, Dario Franceschini, to support Schlein’s motion and, above all, it may have been she who acted as a mediator between the newly elected and the Roman Democratic Party. If the mission of leader of the group does not materialize, a prominent position in the parliamentary commission for the general management and supervision of radio and television services is also planned for her. Another name that would circulate for the post of leader of the group in Montecitorio would be that of Simona Bonafè, regional secretary of the party, also, not by chance, in Bonaccini’s quota.

For the Senate, the eligible candidates would be Francesco Boccia and Antonio Misiani. Brando Benifei, head of the DEM delegation to the European Parliament, would be another destined to leave office, but there are still no rumors about who could replace him. Then there is the secretarial game. One of the right names here is that of Marco Furfaro, coordinator and spokesman for the Schlein motion who may also become assistant secretary. Alessandro Zan should be part of the new secretariat with the delegation of rights. Stefania Bonaldi, former mayor of Crema, could have the delegation of territorial manager.

The names of former Article 1 Arturo Scotto, Roberta Agostini and Nico Stumpo are also mentioned, as well as former sardines Jasmine Corallo and Mattia Santori. A prominent place could also go to Marco Sarracino, next to the current deputy party secretary Giuseppe Provenzano.

Source: IL Tempo