Door to Door poll, the Democratic Party eats the M5S: Schlein-Conte, for the duel

Porta a Porta publishes the usual survey, carried out by Noto Sondaggi, on voting intentions at national level and on the recent primaries of the Democratic Party. The poll was conducted by Noto after Elly Schlein’s victory over Stefano Bonaccini and records an increase in the Democratic Party’s percentage of voting intentions from 16.5%, which Democrats had before the primaries, to 19.5% this week. For Noto’s sample, Fratelli d’Italia is confirmed as the first Italian party with 28.5% (stable percentage in relation to voting intentions prior to the dem primaries). Pd follows, gaining three points, reaching 19.5%. M5S drops to third place with a percentage of 16%, losing two and a half points. A real blow for Giuseppe Conte. Then there is the stable Liga with 10%, followed by Action-Italia Viva with 8% (+0.5). Forza Italia gains half a point, reaching 7.5%, while Noi Moderati (stable), Verdi-Left (-1.5) and Più Europa (-0.5) get 1.5%.

Another theme addressed by the research is the alleged red help and pentastellato behind Schlein’s success. According to the survey, only half of those who went to vote last Sunday had voted for the PD in the September 25 general elections. 22% of voters in the September primary chose M5S. In particular, on the occasion of the primaries, 13% of M5S voters voted in favor of Schlein, while only 2% voted for Bonaccini. Schlein managed to bring many voters who had abstained from politics into the gazebos. Even 22% of those who abstained from politics voted for Schlein in this primary.

Source: IL Tempo