Half past eight, Bersani in bursts: “Dear Piantedosi …”, what do you ask the minister

The left does not give up on the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, after the shipwreck of migrants in Steccato di Cutro, in the Crotone region. Pier Luigi Bersani, guest of Lilli Gruber at Otto e mezzo at La7, commented on the resignation made by the new secretary of the PD Elly Schlein: “He reiterated what was said by many members of the PD and by members of other oppositions”, he said the former minister in the Wednesday, March 1 episode.

Bersani harshly criticizes the statements made by the head of the Ministry of the Interior. “A minister who, faced with a fact like this, blames the victims…”, he said before indirectly addressing the minister: “Desperate mothers, dear Piantedosi, are desperate for their children before they are for them. And I am I don’t know. I think they should be instructed by Piantedosi on how to be a mother…”. “Here I see an inadequacy that is impressive, then he doesn’t give up because here now…” Bersani continues and continues to hack the government’s exponent.

An investigation is underway into the tragedy in which at least 68 migrants lost their lives (pretrial detention at the prison of the two alleged smugglers was confirmed today). “I shudder to think that someone could be directly or indirectly responsible for such a thing, we have to let the judiciary do that”, explains Bersani,

Source: IL Tempo