Gustavo Petro’s approval rating dropped to 40% in February, according to a survey by Invamer

According to the most recent Invamer poll, conducted between February 17 and 26, President Gustavo Petro went from an approval rating of 48% to 40%, which is an eight-point drop, relative to the month of January of this. 2023.

The results presented also represent a downward trend on this point, considering that Petro maintained a 56% favorability in December 2022 according to the same study. In other words, from the last month of the year prior to the month of February of the current year, it is down 14 points.

In terms of disapproval, the survey showed growth of seven points, with 51% in the month of February, compared to 46% that had come out in January. In this line, the Colombian president presents an increase of 11 points, referring to December 2022, when it was 40%.

The Invamer survey was conducted with a base of 1,200 respondents and a margin of error of 2.83%.

With a base of 1,200 respondents and a margin of error of 2.83%, the poll revealed numbers in the red for the first time regarding Gustavo Petro, who has shown no disapproval over approval since his inauguration as president.

As for the favor of the Vice President of the Republic, Francia Márquez, the survey found that it dropped three points, going from 48% in December 2023 to 45% in February 2023. His unfavorability increased from 25% to 29%.

Source: El Heraldo