Pd, all plugs by Elly Schlein

We need a peace sign. Many in the Democratic Party expect new secretary Elly Schlein to take a step towards the so-called reformist wing of the Democrats. Of course, officially everyone is throwing water on the fire and promising to quell hypothetical leak rumors after last Sunday’s primary elections. The word split is a taboo that no one wants to offend. The victory of the new leader of the Democratic Party came unexpectedly like an avalanche that objectively shifted the party to the left and baffled Bonaccini and his supporters.

Yet the signs of Bonaccini’s defeat are recognizable, one says half-heartedly today. In the mid-north – underlined – Schlein’s initiatives have always been well attended, especially by people who are not part of the party’s political class. “Bonaccini made the mistake Bersani made in the 2013 general election – a supporter of the Emilia Romagna president trusts Today – he took the victory so naturally that already in his last speeches as secretary, he was already busy keeping the party together, already thinking about the next day”.

First testing ground for Elly Schlein

For now, the reformist wing of the Pd is recovering and waiting to find out what path the new secretary plans to take. In terms of party stability, it goes without saying that Ukraine is the first test case for the new leader. It is true that there is no decree on the shipment of arms to be voted in the coming weeks, but it is clear that every word of Schlein’s word on the subject will be examined. Since the M5S is already ready to challenge itself in this area, Schlein is well aware that support for the Ukrainian resistance is a very important issue. While the pressure is not lacking for Letta to change her position according to her stance, they believe that nothing will change in the reformist camp – at least for now. “It would indeed be a move that would risk splitting the party,” stresses one Democratic leader who supports Bonaccini. However, the new secretary will no doubt find himself struggling between two fires: domestic opposition, which will not forgive any change of line in the war in Ukraine, and Conte’s M5S, ready to undercut any hesitation to embrace “pacifism.” “.

Nobody wants to leave the Democratic Party

“No member of the Democratic Party is considering leaving the Democrats after Elly Schlein’s victory,” as lawmakers and senators sing in chorus, both in front of microphones and off the record. Democratic Party MP Piero De Luca has no doubts: “We are staying here to defend reformism in the Democratic Party,” he says openly. Certainly, Renzi and Calenda’s Third Pole doesn’t draw any Democrats to date, not only because some democrat fans don’t fully trust the two “story” characters like Renzi and Calenda, but also – it should be emphasized – his spot on the polls and elections is still quite a long way off. seen as a problem.

As highlighted by Lia Quartapelle, speaking to Today, what happened on Sunday is in the spirit of the Democratic Party and the primaries. Once you win, other times you can lose them and be in opposition. pavilion , but it should also be stressed that far fewer came to vote than in the last primaries”. And in fact, 223,000 people went to the gazebos in the 2019 primaries, compared with about 155,000 last Sunday.

regional concerns

Obviously, tensions in Pd are still alive after the primaries. Every word Elly Schlein has to say from here to the national assembly on March 12 is of great interest. Many expect the new secretary to signal a “reassurance” to the defeated party in the primary elections. A signal confirming that the Democratic Party is still a pluralistic party where everyone has citizenship. Others are waiting to make it clear that somehow, perhaps even before the national assembly, a way to confront Stefano Bonaccini will be found, including those who support the governor of Emilia Romagna. Indeed, on Tuesday, Bonaccini said he was available for the winner of the preliminary duel, after emphasizing that the one who left the Democratic Party was wrong. Many speak in low voices of the great anxiety provoking the Democratic Party at these hours, or rather, the already obvious signs of the small but constant bleeding from club secretaries and local leaders that will not be warranted by the new establishment. Democratic Party. Instead, it’s exactly what the Third Pole wants. Ettore Rosato, one of the leading directors of Italia Viva, says this bluntly: “We do not expect any arrivals among the parliamentarians in our group, because one or two more MPs in this legislature do not change anyone’s life. The question is a little different. at the local level where he can participate”. Also for this medium, Pd expects a clear sign of openness from the new secretary soon.

Source: Today IT