Schlein brings the Democratic Party to Conte. Together in the square against the “fascist danger”

Schlein brings the Democratic Party to Conte.  Together in the square against the “fascist danger”

A great occasion. Delineate the perimeter of your political action and immediately place emphasis on the theme of the themes, on the big news, on the winning idea. The argument that will revive the fate of the Italian left and convince those who abstained en masse in the last regional elections to return to the polls with joy. At least according to the thoughts of Elly Schlein, who will participate next Saturday in the anti-fascist demonstration called in Florence. The first departure of the new secretary of the Democratic Party, almost as if time had stopped in the seventies, will be a procession. A square, to say no to the return of dangerous “fascist regurgitation”.

Years and leaders pass, but the recipe of the Italian progressives remains the same: to stir up the danger of a phantasmagoric dictatorship of Mussolini, to bring disappointed voters back to the polls, and not from today, for a radical chic room. . From those who live in luxurious houses in the mountains and hope to speak with the unemployed, precarious and those who live in dilapidated public housing, often located in neighborhoods without the slightest service. Enrico Letta had also tried, in the last political elections in September, with not very appreciable results. The native of Lugano is evidently convinced that it is enough to change a few ingredients to make the (same) recipe attractive again. Specifically, Saturday’s demonstration will be organized by numerous unions, CGIL, CISL and UIL, united to condemn the fight of last February 18th, in front of the classic school Michelangiolo.

A vulgar and despicable fistfight in the middle of the street, between a group of six activists from Ação Estudantil and as many teenagers from the Coletivos de Esquerda. A stupid gesture, constantly mounted and exploited by Carlo Marx’s grandchildren. Ready, despite the evidence of images, videos and testimonies, to label it as “a fascist aggression”. One occasion, that of Saturday, in which the left will honor Leonardo da Vinci’s director, Annalisa Savino, who in an open letter had confused fascism with the defense of national borders. An executive who, in the recent past, had appeared in the Democratic Party primaries and, according to those in the know, is ready to enter the Palazzo Vecchio in 2024. As a councilor or, if the dem wins the elections, perhaps even as a councilor.

But the Florentine snake (buses from all over Italy are announced and expected, according to rumors, at least ten thousand people) will also be an opportunity to formalize a new “political marriage”. What, in the coming weeks, could become a structural alliance at the electoral level. Giuseppe Conte will also walk in the Tuscan capital. The leader of the Five Star Movement is considered the ideal partner to build the progressive field. Antithetical to the Melonian centre-right, but also to the Third Pole, assessed as very close to the “established powers”. Maximalist tones that unite the two leaders and that could lead to a coalition already for next spring’s governments. Among many certainties, a great doubt, namely, Elly Schlein’s position in foreign policy. Will he follow the People’s Advocate and say no to sending arms to Ukraine or will he side with the United States of America and Europe?

Source: IL Tempo