“You wanted Belen for 2 Euros?” And then the neighing: after the mayor’s shock to Schlein

Grosseto Mayor Antonfrancesco Vivarelli Colonna’s shoddy sexist post on Facebook did not go unnoticed: “What did you want for 2 Euros, Belen?”

Dem deputy Marco Simiani says, “The mayor of Grosseto is openly offensive and cannot discuss the content. and I expect some distance from the right and from Prime Minister Meloni. In politics, mutual respect is the cornerstone of our constitutional charter. I’ve always done that, some of them openly didn’t tonight”.

“A mayor, an institution of the country, who mocks a woman and the leader of the main opposition in the worst way possible, is not worthy to play this role,” said Marco Furfaro, MP and national spokesman for the Schlein motion. It was chosen to look out for the community, not the sexism on social media.”

Lega MEP Susanna Ceccardi also denounces the vile irony affecting the new secretary of the Democratic Party these days. I express my full solidarity with him for this bullshit investing in social media. A “civilian” (but not very civilian, obviously) candidate, Vivarelli Colonna was re-elected in 2021 by the centre-right coalition.

Source: Today IT