Conte-Schlein phone call, proof of renewed alliance

They had already spoken via text message when he won the primary election and became Democratic Party secretary. But yesterday morning, Giuseppe Conte and Elly Schlein spoke verbally in a political phone call. The two would talk about how to tackle some of the issues that unite them, and this is new because with this contact actually the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement have been talking to each other since Enrico Letta severed all ties. Thus the Giallorossi axis returns for a possible offshoot of a future, new and rediscovered alliance.

Pd, all plugs by Elly Schlein

So yesterday Conte and Schlein had a deep conversation, touching on issues on which they could fight together in Parliament to form a strong opposition to the government of Giorgia Meloni. The duo will definitely meet in public soon, as the two leaders are expected in Florence for the show initiated by CGIL, CISL, and UIL. They will meet side by side, maybe even side by side, on the trade union square.

Of course, it is not yet possible to say that the Giallorossi alliance has returned, but it is clear that the two are studying and looking at each other with curiosity because as the 5 Star Movement lawmakers directly explained on Today, There are many themes that unite them, and the pentastellati hopes for Schlein’s return as they send weapons to Ukraine .
In addition to Conte, Schlein will likely face Stefano Bonaccini in Florence on Saturday. He will then decide on the new structures of the party. In the Transatlantic Chamber yesterday, Schlein was surrounded by several party colleagues, including Orlando and Zingaretti. But that’s what he would say, at least, he’s not fit to be co-opted by the leaders of the factions. You have won by presenting yourself as a detachment, and you do not want to immediately betray those who trusted you.

Source: Today IT