Cospito calls on UN Italy: “Respect civil and political rights”

In 41 bis and about the case of anarchist Alfredo Cospito, who has been on hunger strike for four months, a call comes from the UN to Italy. Respect for the dignity and humanity of the prisoner is demanded in prison. The request came on 1 March and was reported to the Italian government’s representative in Geneva and to the defender Flavio Rossi Albertini, who on 25 February forwarded an individual application to the Human Rights Commission, immediately after Cospito’s appeal at the Appeal was rejected. condemned the conditions of his client’s detention. This was announced by Luigi Manconi, attorney of Alfredo Cospito and head of “A good right onlus”.

“According to the UN – they write – the dignity and humanity of detention would be violated. Until the decision on the merits of the individual petition submitted for Alfredo Cospito, the United Nations Human Rights Committee decided to apply an interim measure consisting of: From Italy to international standards and to article 7 (prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment and the prohibition of medical or scientific experimentation without free consent) and Article 10 (humane treatment of all and respect for human dignity. Person deprived of personal liberty) Alfredo Cospito International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights with regard to prison conditions”.

Rossi Albertini and Manconi underline that “no attempt has been made by the Minister of Justice to abolish or at least improve the prison situation of Alfredo Cospito. The Italian State, in accordance with its international obligations (assumed by ratification of the optional protocol), is committed to the Civil and Oolitic Rights of the United Nations.” Regarding the International Pact), to implement this interim measure. That the decision taken by the Committee remains a dead letter, it will set a serious precedent for Italy to imitate the indifference shown to the UN by the autocratic regimes”.

“Immediate measures – reads the note – are adopted by the Committee when there is an imminent risk to the protection of the person’s fundamental rights and to prevent irreparable harm to the appellant until the Committee’s final decision. For example, the death of Alfredo Cospito in detention would be irreparable harm. It is clear that with this act, for the first time, the 41-bis regime questioned its legitimacy in terms of international conventions”.

“It is very difficult for Italy to show that it guarantees remorse and social rehabilitation, which is the main purpose of life-long detention in a regime of extreme isolation. The Committee also informs the Italian state – Rossi Albertini and Manconi – that it has registered the case. Waiting for more information to make a decision. Immediate measures take effect immediately”.

How is Alfredo Cospito?

Alfredo Cospito continues his hunger strike. He left the hospital and was transferred back to the Opera prison (Milan). He is again in the Integrated Assistance Service, an internal structure of the penitentiary where he is located at 41 bis. Cospito’s resignation came after the anarchist’s physiological parameters remained stable for several days.

Cospito is aware of his dangerous health condition, but has no intention of going back to eating again. “I am ready to die for the world today to find out what 41 bis really is,” he wrote in a letter recently published by his lawyer.

Source: Today IT