Coffee Break, Candiani accuses: “Migrants? Dramatic disgrace used in a despicable way”

Coffee Break, Candiani accuses: “Migrants?  Dramatic disgrace used in a despicable way”

We continue to discuss migrants who died at sea during the March 3 episode of Coffee Break, La7’s morning talk show hosted by Andrea Pancani. Among the guests is also Stefano Candiani, senator of the League, who reconstructs history and refutes criticism of the government: “It is not an easy thing to understand, we are talking about a boat that leaves Turkey and then crashes a few kilometers from the Italian coast , it is not logical that the first to be judged is the Italian government and the Italian minister, there are a series of questions to be clarified, certainly also that of who triggered the alarm, if it did not start it, if the whole was made to pass through a situation that did not require assistance or otherwise. These things need to be clarified, but the elements are necessary”.

“The Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi – points out Senator del Carroccio – will be in the Chamber on Tuesday to clarify, so a debate can be held on the data that he will provide and there will be positions to be taken. I think it is inappropriate to build an accusatory thesis, as Repubblica did in an undignified way, to the point of first creating a controversy against the minister and then asking public opinion whether or not the minister is responsible. This means creating the accusation, justifying the accusation with public opinion, and then asking public opinion to condemn. This is putting the sedan in an undignified way, without any merit, with the sole aim of politically attacking. I think this type of controversy with the dead in the field is very wrong, dead that no one can wish, want and accept”.

“Should Matteo Salvini also report to Parliament?” the question asked by Pancani to his guest. Candiani responds like this: “Doesn’t it seem strange to you that the hammer hits Piantedosi and then Salvini. He says he doesn’t do controversy and so it doesn’t seem true that he has the opportunity to land another blow on Salvini and Piantedosi. This speaks for itself, as it happened immediately in the hours following the massacre. We see that there is someone who is using or trying to use this kind of polemic in a very squalid way to make the usual political actions and political accusations. But there is no political climate that justifies this sinking, we are not talking about a deliberate situation, but a dramatic disaster. But there is – reiterates the exponent of the Northern League – no correlation between the disaster and the fact that there is Minister Tizio or Minister Caio. It would be elusive just to be able to say it.”

Source: IL Tempo