Schlein stirs up the Democratic Party: “He decides everything himself.” There is a risk of division

Schlein stirs up the Democratic Party: “He decides everything himself.”  There is a risk of division

Does Elly Schlein agree? Not exactly. The new secretary of the Democratic Party would already be dealing with the internal arm of the DEM leaders. According to a background report by “”, Schlein’s decision-making is on a par with that of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in government and shakes the political edifices: “The Transatlantic speaks of a leader ‘really hard’. The key and breaking point from the past is that Schlein doesn’t listen to leaders, ask for advice or lists of names, but then she decides. In full and complete autonomy”.

Journalist Alberto Maggi refers to “the first hidden bad moods among the historic leaders of the Democratic Party who supported him in the primaries, such as Dario Franceschini, Peppe Provenzano, Andrea Orlando, Nicola Zingaretti and Francesco Boccia. (…). Much less does Schlein listen to those on the other barricade, namely Stefano Bonaccini and the leader of the Riformist Base, former Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini.”

It will be the secretary of the PD who will establish new names for the leaders of groups in the Chamber and the Senate and it will always and only be she who will give the green light to the meeting with Giuseppe Conte for a rapprochement with the M5s: “At the moment there are no signs of divisions towards the center, but the real test for Schlein is foreign policy. You have to be careful with this issue”, says the information site. Yes, because the position of the former vice president of the Emilia-Romagna Region on Ukraine he seems less Atlanticist than his predecessor Enrico Letta. If he embraced the pentastellati line, there would be an earthquake in the Democratic Party “with the departure of big names like Guerini, Piero Fassino, Bonaccini and several mayors, including Dario Nardella and Giorgio Gori”.

Source: IL Tempo