Salvini runs on Messina Bridge: “Decision is by March”

“We will bring the Bosphorus Bridge decree to the Council of Ministers in mid-March. This was announced by Matteo Salvini, Minister of Infrastructure and Deputy Prime Minister, in connection with a conference held in the port of Palermo. This is work.” Not building costs more than doing – explains Salvini – I’ll be holding a top-level meeting next week”.

The transport ministry later announced that the ministry’s technicians are working on a “Bridge Decree” that will be submitted in the coming weeks and certainly by 31 March. As a matter of fact, the 2023 budget law set 31 March as the deadline for the cancellation of the liquidation status of the company “Stretto di Messina”, the concessionaire for the construction and management of the stable link between Sicily and the Continent. Therefore, the new operating rules of the company and all procedures for the resumption of the design and construction activities of the business need to be defined by this date.

The announcement came a few days after a review of the bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark and a technical meeting chaired by Salvini himself at the Anas offices in Rome Termini. These are the buildings that will -according to the Minister’s intention- be the headquarters of the company in charge of following the Bridge over the Straits file.

Source: Today IT