Peace signs between Schlein and Bonaccini

There was a meeting. The mutual will of the Democratic Party to work together and ensure “unity” was recorded. However, there is still no definition of “forms and ways” of cooperation. More comparisons will be made on this in the coming days. Elly Schlein and Stefano Bonaccini met in Bologna in the afternoon. Headquarters of the Bologna Democratic Party. About an hour and a half “face to face”. The meeting begins with a fair game sign with Bonaccini giving the new secretary a bouquet of flowers. And it ends the same way: Schlein and the head of Emilia Romagna appear before reporters together.

The message is clear: close the congressional challenge page and start the process of building the new Democratic Party. He reported that his willingness to try to do this together was assured by both. “The meeting went well, but we are only at the beginning of the road. They will meet again and continue to face each other. Both seem willing to work together. Stefano clearly wants this to be a real collaboration, a place for himself if he doesn’t care”.

There are many issues on the table that need to be defined, starting with the lodge of the Democratic Party chairman. Will it be welcomed by Bonaccini? And then the balance in Management. The ultimate unitary rule of the party. And finally, the parliamentary structures: will one of the group leaders be in the minority? The head of the group is an appointment that requires agreement as it is an elected office. In short, many pieces that cannot be agreed upon today but will be determined from the perspective of the national assembly to be held on Sunday, March 12, in the coming days, both Schlein and Bonaccini reported.

Pd, all plugs by Elly Schlein

The secretary speaks first and above all the words are for the tragic death of Bruno Astorre. Then about the meeting. “At the beginning of this new era of the Democratic Party, we found ourselves in need of maximum unity and solidarity. We started a discussion that will continue in the days to come. Our common interest is to work together to get it started again. The party and the challenges that await us”. Will Bonaccini become president of the Democratic Party? “We will discuss forms and methods together. Meanwhile, it was important to find ourselves in this spirit of unity. An important discussion that will continue in the coming days started today.

Then it’s Bonaccini’s turn. “I wanted to reiterate what I said to Elly in Congress, that if she had won, I would have helped. We’ll see the shapes and the ways, we’ll evaluate together what’s more useful we can have over the next few days.” fully operational perspective and roles”.

“What interests me today, and which I am very pleased with, is that we really want to try to give integrity to this Pd. It has suffered from it in the recent or distant past, we want to avoid breakouts or personality. Or again, the separation of character… I think the T-shirts should be removed. There is only one T-shirt we wear now, that of the Democratic Party. We’ll see you again in the next few days”. Tomorrow, Bonaccini will not be able to attend the anti-fascist demonstration in Florence due to institutional commitments. “I would have gone if I didn’t have them. But I feel like Elly Schlein is here and she is fully represented by her. There will be a lot of people from the Democratic Party”.

Source: Today IT