Pd, frost between Bonaccini and Schlein: the dem minority remains in play

The much requested meeting finally took the stage, but not with the results expected by the losers in the primaries. Elly Schlein and Stefano Bonaccini met at the headquarters of the Democratic Party in Bologna, in what was the first face-to-face meeting after the result of the vote that handed the leadership of the party to Schlein. “Forms and paths we will see together and discuss together, however it was important for us to meet in this unitary spirit. We found ourselves in the need to guarantee maximum unity in this start of this new phase of the Democratic Party. Today we started a discussion that will continue. The common interest we have is to work together in relaunching this party and in the elections that await us” the response of the new secretary on the future role of the opponent, for whom there were rumors of a future as president of the Democratic Party.

“Bonaccini’s role – the reconstruction of the Corriere della Sera – continues to be discussed. That of him and his major voters, who are waiting to understand how the minority will be represented in the new secretariat. A stalemate, really.” The position of the Governor of Emilia-Romagna therefore still hangs in the balance.

Source: IL Tempo