Serracchiani and the Bonaccini flop, check out the list: “How much money did they give”

Stefano Bonaccini lost the primaries to become the new secretary of the PD, but he left someone more defeated. Who? For example, Debora Serracchiani and Andrea Marcucci who contributed financially to the election campaign of the president of the Emilia-Romagna region without obtaining the desired return.

Adnkronos news agency scoured the accounts of private supporters of the “Bonaccini Committee for the PD secretariat” finding that in January it received 61,435 euros. Half of them came from deputies and senators.

In detail, the Marcucci family paid no less than 15,000 euros: 5,000 from the group’s former leader in the Senate and pharmaceutical entrepreneur; 5 thousand euros from brother Paolo and another 5 thousand from sister Maria Lina, founder of Videomusic.

Among the disappointed benefactors are also the leaders of groups in the House and Senate, Debora Serracchiani and Simona Malpezzi. The new secretary, Elly Schlein, is considering handing over the functions to her supporters, but after the meeting with Bonaccini, the hypothesis that Serracchiani could remain in office has been strengthened. Deputy Speaker of the House Anna Ascani, Senator Valeria Valente, former Minister Piero Fassino, Secretary of the Roman Democratic Party Andrea Casu and Carlo Cottarelli paid 500 euros each.

The list compiled by Adnkronos includes the companies of the GVM group founded by Ettore Sansavini, specializing in the management of hospitals, clinics, polyclinics and medical centers of excellence in Italy and abroad, “Ravenna Medical Center srl”, “Villa Torri Hospital srl “, the “Maria Cecilia Hospital Spa” in Cotignola and the private clinic “Villalba srl” as well as the “Primus Forlì medical center srl”.

Source: IL Tempo