Thousands of people applaud Schlein in Florence square against fascism

“We are all antifascists”. This is the message initiated by the regiment in Florence in the context of the ‘Let’s defend the School and the Constitution’ demonstration at the call of the unions. More than ten thousand people joined the Pd, CGIL and rainbow flags, according to the Police Headquarters, more than the organizers, with numerous banners and an impressive security service unions ahead, then institutions, parties and many young people. to say “no” to people and workers, to be condemned to cadre violence without end, to reiterate that the affirmation and defense of Constitutional values ​​born of the Resistance constitutes a definite duty for the entire school community and those who do it. act in various capacities” .

During the march held in response to the attack in front of the ‘Michelangiolo’ high school on February 18, six young people from the far-right Azione Studentesca group, which is currently being investigated by the judiciary, beat up two students. The I Regiment started from Piazza Santissima Annunziata and, after making its way through the streets of the historic centre, gradually reached Piazza Santa Croce, where a stage for speeches was set up. When the newly elected secretary of the Democratic Party arrived at Elly Schlein on her first public outing, applauses, handshakes, shouts of encouragement, and various selfies were requested. Some students even sang Bella Ciao when he came. Schlein joined the parade with mayor Dario Nardella and CGIL secretary Maurizio Landini. Among the attendees were the Movimento 5 stelle Giuseppe Conte, the secretary of the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianni, and the secretary of the Greens, Angelo Bonelli.

“It’s a great day, a great reaction to defend the school, to defend the constitutional values,” said Schlein. They will find this thread of human solidarity in defending the school as a garrison of anti-fascist culture, as the first great place for social liberation, against all kinds of inequality, against educational poverty.” It is the best answer that can be given to those who practice and those who want to return. Democracy must be defended. and it must be implemented and the values ​​of our Constitution realized,” Landini said.

Hundreds of teachers and principals, not just from Florence but from all over Italy, were present at the event after the event to demonstrate “against all forms of violence and in solidarity with my colleague Annalisa Savino, the headmaster of the ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ high school.” The attack by Education Minister Giuseppe Valditara, because the professor had written a letter to his school’s students warning of the risks of a resurgent fascism following the attack on Michelangelo. “This show is a powerful and meaningful sign. We shared our principal’s document and we didn’t believe all this would happen, which was not our aim. As educators, we wanted to send a message to our students not to join, but to participate. Patrizia Bonanni, a teacher at da Vinci, said: “Face these realities. stay face to face. And even the purpose of you coming here today is to send a message to our students because you have to not only want them, but also show them something,” he said among the high school demonstrators.

There was also a banner reading “Con Alfredo against 41 bis” among those attending the anti-fascist parade in Florence, which later gathered in a demonstration by the unions to defend the school and the Constitution. . Several banners were put up, expressing solidarity with the students attacked by the hostile galaxy, but stating: “We will not be identified as poor victims, and we will not even have the abuse and exploitation of aggression as if by lightning, as if suddenly there were no signs of fascist advance in this country thanks to the legitimation of democratic institutions”. There are several hundred in the segment, under the acronyms of Anti-fascist Florence, European Left Communist Re-establishment Party, People’s Power, Self-governing social centre, CPA and others.

Source: Today IT