Tsunami Schlein shakes NATO. Bisignani: Worried about Top Secret Project

Dear director, “Made in Italy” is a red flag on the Atlantic pact, where the tsunami Elly Schlein has just hit and even NATO is trembling because of Ukraine. Reports and assessments on the new secretary of the Democratic Party arrive in Haren, headquarters of the Atlantic Alliance in Belgium. The suggestive hypothesis, which is inspired by the vast network of international relations of the new number one of the Pd, is the recurrent forbidden dream of the extremist and pacifist left of the elusive “Coisa Vermelha”, to which the most radical militants have aspired for years. The new secretary’s “top secret” project is to bring together under a single red roof the thousand currents of that transnational and variegated world of No-Tav, of the most extreme antimilitarist, environmentalist and ecological left, putting an end to that mass of acronyms and movements that, precisely At these times, they unite, like Spain and Greece, in the battle against 41 bis led by the anarchist Cospito. The “Schleinian” references are interesting: Iolanda Diaz, Minister of Labor for Podemos, the Spanish anti-global party fighting for a European platform and direct democracy. Alexis Tsipras, the former Greek prime minister who in 2001, along with other Greek antagonists, just arrived in Ancona bound for Genoa to take part in the tragic G8 demonstration, was immediately repatriated along with his shirt with the image of Che Guevara . Had he arrived at the Ligurian port, he would have found another of Schlein’s muses, Francesca Bria, mentioned and duly thanked by the secretary in the first Instagram and Facebook “story” posted immediately after the victory. Bria, very “attentive” in the days of agitation of the police forces and on the front line with her Indymedia press room in front of the sadly famous Diaz school, today, very bourgeois, is a member of the board of Rai, strongly linked to Andrea Orlando, which Schlein began to support shortly after his pilgrimage to Cospito Prison. With Orlando and Benifei, Elly launched an appeal for the mobilization of activists and militants in a conference in which the city of Matteo Lepore baptized the birth of “Rosa rossa” (from Rosa rossa to Cosa rossa the step is short), officiating the economist Emanuele Felice , which is inspired by the theses of Mariana Mazzuccato, a symbol of the leftist defender of the nationalization of companies, who flew to Rome to shake hands in favor of social networks before the polls.

Is it possible that signs of this type in a party like the Democratic Party, characterized by a long democratic tradition, do not even raise the eyebrows of many big names, starting with the visionary Goffredo Bettini and the timeless Ugo Sposetti, who instead supported the new secretary? The anti-fascist demonstration in Florence seems obvious; but the first political act of the Democratic Party signed by Schlein, especially in this period of high bills, will it really be a mobilization in Piombino for the arrival of the Golan Tundra, the regasification vessel Snam? Alternatively, it could turn into an already announced violent battle against the Santa Palomba power plant, desired by the mayor of Rome Gualtieri. The impression one gets when reading some of the analyzes circulating in the Intelligence offices is that all of this is really possible, in addition to the good intentions for change that have accumulated around Schlein on the part of important personalities on the left, starting with Zingaretti to Provenzano and Boccia who still hopes for an alliance with M5S – to finally reach Dario Franceschini. The latter, together with Michela De Biase, his unbridled young wife, were identified as the “king makers” of victory. A victory based, more than on the conviction of the program, on the emotional wave of the umpteenth protest of the people of the left after the failure of the scrap metal and the soporific mosciume of Lettiano. Franceschini keeps repeating that Schlein is a necessary step to reduce Conte and the grillini, thus leading the democratic party to a significant victory in the next European election round.

Blind and deaf to an opening for that hard core of Schlein’s “dream team” are Flavio Alivernini, spin doctor (formerly of Boldrini), Marco Furfaro, pacifist champion and Mattia Santori, former sardine who instead wants to asphalt, and still quickly , the entire apparatus of the Democratic Party. The design is there for all to see. A few days ago, in front of the constitutional affairs committee of the Chamber, where the hearing of Matteo Piantedosi, an old acquaintance of the new secretary at the time when he was in charge of Bologna’s city hall, was scheduled, the new red star approached the Minister of the Interior very sympathy, respect and consideration, to then publicly kill him, asking for his resignation. The “Piantedosi method” will probably be the same that they will use to get rid of those leaders of the Democratic Party who, even today, starting with Romano Prodi, cannot understand how this election could have taken place. But were 300,000 people outside the Democratic Party really sent to the bandstand to vote for you? This is the strength of the new platforms that, across Europe and also through universities, are fighting to overthrow current democratic electoral models. In spring the roses bloom and we will see some beautiful ones. But it really makes you smile that in her rise to the Nazzareno an LGBTQ+ feminist who, as she puts it, “wasn’t seen coming,” was supported by none other than Franceschini’s wife and Orlando’s “coke.” The new one that doesn’t advance.

Source: IL Tempo