Media surveys, Brothers of Italy extends to all. Dark Crisis for Conte’s M5S

New month and new update with the average of the polls compiled by Bidimedia on the approval of Italian political parties. The real shock concerns the primary effect on the Democratic Party, which regains second place in the ranking with an increase of 1.5% and a total value of 17.4%. The dem grows at the expense of Giuseppe Conte’s 5 Star Movement, which trembles at the new direction of Elly Schlein, who has been gnawing at that slice of left-wing voters who threw themselves on the grid after the disasters of Enrico Letta Pd from the first days. The Cinquestelle lose 1.1% in a month of searches, going from 17.8% to 16.7%.

With a continuous earthquake in the opposition, it is also the Brothers of Italy who take advantage, establishing themselves again as the first Italian party in the media published on March 5th. Giorgia Meloni and her people are not paying anything for the effect of the government that many parties have suffered in the past and it rises to 29.9%, one step away from the round figure due to the 0.5% growth in the last four weeks. Positive sign also for Lega and Forza Italia: Matteo Salvini grows 0.2% to 9%, while Silvio Berlusconi’s Azzurri grows 0.1% to 7.1%, significantly approaching Azione-Italia Viva, which drops half percentage point and slipped to 7.5%.

Overall, points out BiDiMedia, all opposition parliamentary parties are down with the exception of the Pd: Alleanza Verdi and Sinistra lose 0.3 to 3.2%, and Europe loses a tenth to 2.5%. The centre-right coalition achieves a total of 46.8% of Italian support, reaching its peak in post-election polls. The left, which thanks to the breath of fresh air brought by Schlein is not in decline, but still far behind: 23.1%, despite an increase of 1.1%. Less than half of the ruling coalition.

Source: IL Tempo