Banner with high school principal Meloni upside down: “Ugly and violent act”

“A few blocks but a cruel, ugly, violent and heavy gesture”. This is Andrea Di Mario, principal of Carducci classical high school in Milan, commenting on an anarchist-signed banner hung in front of the school yesterday saying “but yours is just violence”. and upside-down footage of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Education Minister Giuseppe Valditara.

“The ‘Giosuè Carducci’ State Classical High School in Milan has always and increasingly been a multiple, open, peaceful: democratic space! We have suffered painful damage with everything that is done at this school today, and we do not want the principal, the students, He wrote a circular addressed to parents and teachers and was published on the school’s website.

“We will continue to further promote the values ​​of democracy, tolerance and pluralism enshrined in the Constitution, as always, and we will always keep the door of education dialogue open to the end. Without prejudice to the “commitment to try to identify and prosecute the responsibilities of the gesture,” he assured.

Reminding that Carducci is the high school next to Piazzale Loreto, where Benito Mussolini was hanged upside down by partisans, Di Mario said, “Educational subjects are taught meticulously in this school, but I always say that Carducci is also a school of politics, because students here. they have the opportunity to learn about the cult of representation, about confrontation”. “We want to do this together by learning, creating new forms, without getting stuck in the old, worn and dreary languages ​​that raise the walls. Carducciano is meticulous and does not accept the logic of a violent curve,” he added.

“full solidarity” with Meloni and Valditara was expressed by Milan’s mayor, Beppe Sala, who described the movement as a “serious fact” and said that “the anarchist risk should not be underestimated. It simply cannot be underestimated”. On the other hand, Giuseppe Conte, the leader of the 5 Star Movement, accused Valditara of unequal treatment between Andrea Di Mario, the manager of Carducci, whom he praised, and Annalisa Savino, the manager of Michelangelo in Florence. a circular anti-fascist to defend the attacked students he criticizes.

On Facebook, Conte wrote, “Minister of Education Valditara does not deny himself: the democratic spirit and appeal of constitutional principles emerge intermittently depending on the context,” Conte wrote, “hits Minister Savino with criticism and reprimand. an impeccable letter condemning the violent attack, while the principal of Milan “Carducci” high school immediately intervened to applaud Di Mario’s letter, while rightly condemning the unspeakable images and messages against the Minister concerned himself and the Prime Minister”.

Source: Today IT