The wind is blowing, Mennheimer reveals the Cutro effect in research

The tragic shipwreck of migrants on the stretch of coast opposite Cutro in Calabria inflames politics. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni decided not to go to the Crotone region, as President Mattarella did, but announced that the next Council of Ministers would take place precisely in the location that was the scene of the tragedy. In the episode of L’aria che tira, Monday, March 6, researcher Renato Mannheimer comments on the prime minister’s strategy and the possible effects of the story on public opinion.

For the researcher Meloni would have done well to go to Cutro: the visit would have been well received. Especially because “someone like her knows how to deal with figs”, explains Mannheimer. Italian public opinion was greatly affected by this story, comments Myrta Merlino’s guest. The effect that emerges from the polls, he explains, is that there has been “a kind of radicalization, even more so those who defend a policy of greater acceptance of immigrants, those who see immigrants as a danger to the country say even more, it is the radicalization across the country expressed in the words of opposition leader “Elly Schlein” and head of government “Meloni”.

In short, in this representation “the center has disappeared, and perhaps Meloni in Cutro could even have increased its popularity. But maybe they advised her not to go there, I don’t know how it went”, says Mannheimer.

Source: IL Tempo