Migration emergency, Tajani: we will stop criminals’ boats from leaving

The Crotone tragedy must be addressed at all levels of intervention. The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, is well aware of this and clarifies what the Italian government’s line will be to resolve or at least contain the migratory emergency. First, in line with the other Mediterranean countries, Italy will have to stop the illicit activity of smugglers who, like criminals, profit from the despair of migrants, putting their lives and those of their families at risk. “We have to solve the problem upstream so that there are no more deaths in the Mediterranean – said to “Tgcom24Tour” the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani – Enough of innocent victims, we must prevent the boats of despair from leaving, led by criminals who speculate on the despair of people fleeing wars, poverty, earthquakes. We saw how many things happened together: tens of thousands of deaths between Turkey and Syria, the wars that continue, the situation in the Middle East, the war in Ukraine which does not supply enough grain to African countries, the financial crisis in Tunisia, the lack of a definitive agreement on Libya. So many contributing causes that make people flee. There are criminal organizations that speculate, they board people who flee on ships of hope and then turn into tragedy”.

Then Tajani also talks about the accusations made by some against the work of the Guardia di Finanza and the Coast Guard. What happened on the coast of Crotone “is a great tragedy that we would never want to see a few tens of meters from the Italian coast – continues the Minister of Foreign Affairs – It is serious to accuse our Guardia di Finanza and Coast Guard that, in 2022, saved thousands and thousands of people at sea and they always did everything to defend life. I believe it was a tragic mistake by the boat driver because when we got to a few tens of meters from the coast there was a sudden turn of the ship that collided with the shallows and gave the disaster we witnessed. We will have to investigate carefully.”

Finally, the recipe for an effective intervention that allows the arrival of a controlled number of migrants. “We must encourage regular immigration – concluded the Deputy Prime Minister – The government is working on it, or rather, bringing people who already have a certain job in the field of agriculture or industry to come to Italy, trained at home, with trips who are not at risk. We can bring in tens of thousands because our companies need manpower”.

Source: IL Tempo