“Inferences that indignant me”. Crisanti makes Fontana lose his temper | TO LOOK

The words of Andrea Crisanti, microbiologist, senator of the Democratic Party and consultant to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Bergamo for the investigation into the first phase of the pandemic, “made me very indignant, instead of bothering me. that the theories resulting from his completely personal assessments, utterly respectable assertions and inferences by someone who, as Palù had defined him, is a microbiologist specializing in insects, should even be the subject of a judgment. directive or an indication that required making one choice over another”. So the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the academic year of the Humanitas University of Rozzano. To those who asked him if he would do everything in Covid management again, Fontana replied: “During this period, I think we did everything that had to be done based on the experience and knowledge we had. that made this consideration, but also the European Commission, which when it came to Italy, in Milan, said that we behaved well and that our behavior was then taken as a model. Even today there are many things we don’t know about Covid”.

Source: IL Tempo