The League wants to abolish the Rai license fee and super vignette for cars

New-old League double battle. Revoke the rules that impose the payment of the license fee «for radio and television auditions, as well as the relative state concession fee» and abolish «the increase in the tax on motor vehicles and motor vehicles intended for the mixed transport of people and things with more than 252 horsepower (CV), the so-called ‘super-vignette’». With two bills presented to the Chamber of Deputies, Carroccio resumes some of its historical objectives, also pursued in the last legislature. League secretary Matteo Salvini has repeatedly spoken out about the need to eliminate Rai’s licensing fee, both during the election campaign and in recent weeks. On February 9, Economy Minister Giorgetti also announced that from 2024 there will be a change.

The Via Bellerio party goes straight: «Rai’s subscription, established as early as 1938, became a veritable tax on television ownership by taking over the domain of the ether by the State. It is an antiquated and unfair tax that has no reason to exist, also due to the greater pluralism induced by the entry of new publishers in the market and the contribution of new technologies”. And yet: “It is a socially unjustified tax because it affects indiscriminately, regardless of income, age and use, and above all the most disadvantaged sections of the population”.

The proposal is initially signed by Comaroli. A proposal that – we read – “draws its strength and legitimacy not only from the constant denial of citizens’ rights, but also from the result of the referendum questions concerning the radio and television public service that revealed the will to eliminate a serious anomaly in the telecommunications market , forcing Rai to adapt to market rules and correct business management”. In addition to repealing the regulations in force on the matter, it is intended to provide for the publication of a “regulation that aims to coordinate the provisions of the law with the regulations of the sector, also with regard to covering the financial needs of broadcasting services, in order to efficiently and economically manage the services themselves”. Who proposes the repeal of the supertax on cars “with power greater than 252 horsepower (HP)” is Deputy Marchetti, who had also tried it in 2019. It remains to wait for the legislative process to understand the fate of the two tributes. .

Source: IL Tempo