Additional supervision at Budel asylum center due to harassment

Temporary additional care will be provided at the refugee center in Budel. Foreign Minister Van der Burg announced that an additional team of caregivers will be deployed around the asylum center over the next ten months to prevent harassment. This is a test.

The team will consist of four people. A similar team has already started working in the Ter Apel reception area.

There has been regular harassment around the refugee center in Budel lately. Last month, it was announced that no buses will stop in the center for the time being. Carrier Hermes chose to do this because the bus drivers were attacked.

According to Hermes, there were daily incidents between the bus drivers and the refugees. Hermes told Omroep Brabant that drivers were spat on and threatened after disagreements over non-payment of a ticket.

“abuse of hospitality”

State Minister Van der Burg (VVD) said he had no sympathy for those who “asked for our protection” but then “abused our hospitality”. Van der Burg: “This group ruins it for the rest and undermines support for shelters for people fleeing war or persecution.”

Van der Burg acknowledges that the group of asylum seekers causing harassment is small, but says the impact on those affected is huge.

Superiors rely on “personal contact” and avoiding harassment. According to the ministry, this is initially only done on working days, but can be done on other days if “it’s better”.

Source: NOS