Left will vote against cabinet climate plans unless they become more ambitious

GroenLinks and PvdA want to vote against the cabinet’s climate plans unless they are more ambitious. Party leaders Jesse Klaver and Attje Kuiken will announce this at a campaign meeting in Rotterdam tonight. They think the cabinet needs the support of the left parties in the Senate.

Therefore, they demand that the cabinet add to the plans a “Green Deal” that will lead to the achievement of the climate targets agreed in the coalition agreement (60 percent less CO2 emissions by 2030).

The Dutch Environmental Inspection Agency has calculated that this is not possible with current government policy. Working together on the campaign, GroenLinks and PvdA want legislation to phase out industrial emissions and fossil fuel subsidies as soon as possible.

“Size full”

Within two years, all coal-fired power plants will have to be shut down and significant investment in international rail transport will be required. In addition, landlords should be responsible for installing solar energy systems on rental properties so that people on a small budget can also benefit.

“That’s enough for us,” says GroenLinks boss Klaver. “We cannot accept any climate policy that we know will not make our planet habitable in 2023.” He describes the cabinet’s plans as a “greenwash” and warns that the cabinet will be stuck in the Senate if conditions are not met.

of course change

Provincial elections will be held next Wednesday, March 15. This level of government cares little or nothing about climate policy. Still, it’s a campaign issue for many parties, as MPs will choose the new Senate this year.

The cabinet cannot rely on a majority there and needs the support of opposition parties to pass laws.

PvdA leader Kuiken hopes to become the largest in the Senate by forming a joint group with GroenLinks. “Then it is possible to change course and we will implement the urgently needed climate protection.”

Source: NOS