“There is no peace dialogue with drug trafficking organizations”: Roy Barreras

This Tuesday, Senate President Roy Barreras confirmed his request to the government of Gustavo Petro not to continue the peace talks the senator says are underway with drug traffickers and some armed organizations.

Moreover, in a dialogue with the medium Blu Radio, he stated that there is no ceasefire as it has been mocked by criminal organizations from the beginning.

“Such a bilateral shutdown with these groups apparently does not exist, it has been mocked. From the beginning, in my opinion, there was a misconception, because there is no peace dialogue with drug trafficking organizations,” Barreras stated.

Likewise, the politician assured that “to make a peace agreement possible, a strong, legitimate state capable of enforcing the rule of law is needed at the negotiating tables.”

Regarding his view on the scandal involving Nicolás Petro and Juan Fernando Petro, son and brother of President Gustavo Petro, he claimed that it is an investigative process that must be continued by the hand of the Colombian justice system and that it is not interfere with the normal development of Congress.

“I do not believe these scandals can or should erode a responsibility of Congress and the country, which is to implement some reforms,” ​​he said.

Finally, the president favored the exercise of the “blue lines” and reform counter-proposal that the Conservative, Liberal and La U parties have drawn up, believing it “is a good effort to find common ground with the government’s proposal.” . .

Source: El Heraldo