“It is not true that the witness in question is in our power”: Public Prosecution Service

Through a statement, the Attorney General’s Office has provided details of the complaint filed by the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, about pressure and mistreatment of a key witness in the case being followed by the National Protection Unit.

“The prosecution has the witness of the cocaine shipments used by the UNP cars and the recruitment poster that put false shields on the cars used to care for the threatened people,” said President Gustavo Petro.

Similarly, he pointed out: “The witness who wanted to speak was beaten in the prisons to intimidate him. It is very important that the Attorney General gives him enough assurances to know about this, which is one of the worst acts of corruption as it exposes all the threatened people in Colombia.”

On these points, the Public Prosecution Service may indicate that it is not correct that the witness in question is in his possession.

“This is a person who has been deprived of his liberty in a prison, whose guarantee of protection corresponds to the director of the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute -Inpec- and not to the Office of the Attorney General. Yet, once learning of the reported attacks and threats, the entity ordered all investigative activities necessary to clarify the fact. It is necessary to point out that the Public Prosecution Service had already informed the director of Inpec through a letter dated January 20, 2023 about the security risks indicated by the witness,” the statement said.

With regard to the complaint filed by Mr. Augusto Rodríguez Ballesteros, Director of the UNP, regarding the acts of corruption committed in that entity, the Prosecutor’s Office continues the progress of the investigation, through a specialized team of prosecutors and investigators and the collection of the elements of evidence, physical evidence and lawfully obtained information, work that has been carried out constantly and without interruption.

“Faced with the violent act of which the director of the UNP was the victim, the Public Prosecution Service has deployed all its investigative capacity with prosecutors, investigators and analysts, so that those responsible for this criminal action are identified and prosecuted. It is important to note that the first officials to arrive on the scene were judicial police officers from the Sijin of the National Police. The team was then reinforced with servers from the CTI Technical Investigation Corps”.

Source: El Heraldo