Pd, Bonaccini throws a tantrum: he wants the presidency. Breakup with Schlein?

Stefano Bonaccini doesn’t want the Deputy Secretary of the Democratic Party job that Elly Schlein offered him, but he’s pushing to be party president. A guarantee role, let’s say, from him, a way to continue to have a certain political viability within the dem galaxy. And to strengthen the thesis and put pressure on Schlein, the “Bonaccinians” recall the times when Matteo Renzi, as soon as he was elected secretary, offered the presidency of the party to Gianni Cuperlo who was defeated in the confrontation with the former mayor of Florence with clearly inferior to that obtained by the governor of Emilia Romagna. As if to say: if Cuperlo did this, which didn’t even represent 20% of voters in the gazebos, why shouldn’t Bonaccini do it, which convinced almost half of voters and most of those registered. For his part, Schlein would not be convinced to give the presidency to Bonaccini and his followers wonder why the Emilian governor refuses a position, such as deputy secretary, which in theory would have more political weight than that of president. . . Also because it is the role that Bonaccini always said he would offer his competitor if he won. So why is she rejecting him now? The chances are many.

It must be said that the party president does not have management responsibility and does not necessarily have to share the secretary’s choices. The assistant secretary, in addition to sharing this responsibility, must work in harmony with the director, fully enrolling in the new secretarial course. A relationship between the secretary and his deputy that implies sharing a journey. Otherwise, the deputy would not have much political viability vis-à-vis the leader and would, in the event of an incurable feud, have to resign because it is difficult to think of a second in conflict with the secretary. Resignation that, by the way, can also be waived by the president. Cuperlo accepted the role on 15 December 2013, but on 21 January 2014 he resigned in disagreement with Renzi’s lineup. Meanwhile, Bonaccini, interviewed in “Cartabianca” on Rai Tre, wanted to open the incinerator in Rome, an issue on which Schlein, during the election campaign, certainly did not express himself favorably. «I am in favor of the waste-to-energy plant – said Bonaccini -. In an ecological transition, they make it possible to avoid landfills”.

The Governor of Emilian not only raised the issue of the waste-to-energy plant, but also wanted to talk about local administrators and the role they will have to play. “You can’t keep thousands of local administrators on the bench who helped win even when the Democratic Party was losing nationally,” he said. Precisely those local administrators who, for the most part, had sided with him in the primaries. Perhaps Schlein offered him the position of undersecretary to prevent Bonaccini, as president, from cultivating his current and choosing the secretary whenever he found himself in disagreement with the leader’s decisions. And the signs are in that direction since Bonaccini summoned some of his supporters to Rome yesterday: Pina Picierno, Brando Benifei, Lorenzo Guerini, Andrea Rossi, Andrea De Maria and Alessandro Alfieri. Could this be the start of a new current within the Democratic Party? It’s still too early to tell. What can’t be delayed is the knot over Bonaccini’s role, since on Sunday the plenary session of the Democratic Party will take place at the congress center “La Nuvola”, in Rome.

Source: IL Tempo