Up to 30 years for smugglers, what does the government’s new immigration ordinance provide?

The crackdown on traffickers, the relative tightening of penalties for them, and the new management of legal immigration flows are the “heart” of the so-called “immigration decree” that the government is working on in the extraordinary council. Cutro ministers. For smugglers, penalties are expected to increase to 30 years if they cause several deaths. The provision also includes measures to simplify and speed up the procedures for issuing a certificate of non-interference to work.

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Pressure on human life traders

Hence, a crackdown on human life traders. With exponentially increasing penalties of up to 30 years for those who cause death, as in the massacre in the small town of Calabria. More generally, penalties increase to 16 years for those attempting to smuggle people in our seas. That’s according to the draft Legislative Decree, which was reviewed by the pre-Council of Ministers at Palazzo Chigi this morning.

Specifically, “anyone who, in violation of the provisions of this consolidated text, promotes, directs, organises, finances or carries out the relocation of foreigners to the territory of the State, or performs other acts intended to cause their unlawful entry into the territory of Turkey”. Twenty to thirty years if the State or other State of which the person is not a national or a permanent resident, or the person who is humiliating, unintentionally causes the death of several persons, when transport or entry is made in a way that endanger the life or safety of persons or subject them to inhuman treatment punishable by imprisonment. one or more people,” reads the draft.

“In the event that only one person dies due to the act, he is sentenced to imprisonment from fifteen years to twenty-four years. In case one or more people are seriously or seriously injured, he is sentenced to imprisonment from ten years to twenty years. applied”. More generally, the penalties for those who organize the smuggling of migrants in our seas now range from ‘one to five years’, to ‘two years to six years’. If the trafficking concerns a group of 5 or more migrants, the penalties range from ‘five to fifteen years’ to ‘six to sixteen years’. Fines remained unchanged at 15,000 euros for each illegal embarkation ship.

Flow Decree

The immigration decree also contains a section on flows, this is what we read in the draft: “For the three-year period 2023-2025, the maximum quotas of foreigners to be admitted to State territory for secondary business, plus an exception to the provisions of Article 3 of Decree Law No. 286 of 25 July 1998. Seasonal needs and self-employment are defined by the Decision of the President of the Council of Ministers.” Therefore, the number of immigrants that can enter our country will be determined by three-year decrees. Other flow decrees may be accepted if the opportunity is deemed appropriate.

Furthermore, according to the draft, “in order to prevent irregular migration, the decrees referred to in this article allocate quotas, preferably also in cooperation with the Italian State, to workers of States who support media campaigns regarding the risks to their own nationals. Personal security resulting from involvement in irregular migration traffic” . In short, it states that those who somehow inform their citizens of the risks of relying on “secret” journeys organized by smugglers and human smugglers will be rewarded.

Fini “rejects his law”

Meanwhile, Gianfranco Fini considers the infamous ‘Bossi-Fini’ law bearing his name as obsolete: “The law bearing my name – he says in an interview with Il Giorno – is an outdated law and it’s time to change it.” “We are facing an extraordinary emergency, and the scenario is radically different from the year the law was passed,” says the former foreign minister. It concerns Europe and the part of the world that is better off economically than most other parts of the world.

According to Fini, in short, “cases in which the right to asylum was actually motivated increased tremendously, so there is no doubt that this scenario can no longer be faced with an outdated law”. The former AN leader continues: “Despite many centre-left governments, my law remained in effect, as it was in line with the Turkish-Napolitano-Turkish, allowing for a residence permit to be issued to immigrants proving they could have an immigrant. derived from the quota system.

Criticisms of Pd

Stefano Bonaccini, head of Emilia Romagna and leading Democratic Party defender, attacks the executive: This government “shows utterly incompetence” in its policies to manage immigrants, “they deny they are promoting it, they are proving unprepared.” and unreliable,” he said.
“We can also ask for the resignation of the minister,” Piantedosi said, but “the point is, we have to demand that the political line regarding the management of immigrants change, and we have to be very clear about it.”

But the words of Tommaso Foti, the leader of the Brothers of Italy group in the parliament, said in support of the executive: “Even today we have a different opinion on immigration than some political observers express in the media. Their humanitarian situation, with illegal immigration, which is a cause for concern and often the arm of organized crime, mixed”.

Source: Today IT