Manhunt Rijsbergen: Police fed up with faltering C2000 communication system

The AKP police union reported yesterday that the robber hunt in Rijsbergen was interrupted by the interruption of the C2000 communication system. According to the union, more than seventy agents involved in the operation could not work well with each other and with their Belgian colleagues due to a lack of communication.

“We have already raised our concerns about the system to the corps leadership, but now the measure is up,” the union says. “Especially because we take into account that firearm robbers are dangerous.” A serious event is imminent, according to the ACP.

The C2000 is a self-contained network with many recovery services working together. This network is not working properly. No or no voice messages. “Lifeline for police officers. You should be able to count on it, Maarten Brink, president of ACP Zeeland-West-Brabant, told NOS Radio 1 Journal and Omroep Brabant.

“Very worrying”

Brink explained what went wrong last night: “There were problems with the C2000’s network. As a result, coworkers were unable to send or receive messages. This creates dangerous situations for police officers. It all ended well in this case, but this is different.” Incident with the C2000. This is very worrying.”

Police have been working with the C2000 network for two decades, but Brink says it’s never been good. “We are going back from problem to problem. The reason for this remains a guess. Unacceptable but developing a new system will take years. So a temporary solution needs to be found in order to be able to operate safely.”

The chief of police says this part of the border area has had supply problems in the past. That’s why a support post was erected some time ago. “We haven’t received any other reports of the supply issue since then,” a spokesperson said. We are now looking for the cause: “Procurement problem, technical malfunction or organizational error. This is what happens when there are too many communication groups on the same frequency.”

AKP, on behalf of all police unions, sent a letter to the Minister of Justice and Security, Yeşilgöz, and the police department, addressing communication problems.

After the cabinet meeting, the minister said he fully understood the unrest among the unions. “Things did not go well there. Now we’re looking at exactly what happened.” He added that the C2000 needs to be replaced, but he does not yet know how and in what form: “This is a careful process, it requires precision.”

“Suspect in the Bushes”

The manhunt on Thursday evening lasted several hours. A short time later, beyond the Belgian border, the suspects are said to have robbed an arms dealer. While escaping, they left a car in Rijsbergen. Residents have been asked to keep windows and doors closed and watch out for those who have escaped.

A local resident saw how one of the fugitives was arrested: “He was lying in the bushes next to the bus stop. He was arrested after shouting a lot.”

A Rijsbergen resident told the regional broadcaster that another suspect was hiding in the dumpster: “We locked the back door. Usually we never do this.

Two suspects are 19, the third is 16. All from Rotterdam.

Here are the suspects’ escape footage:

Joyce Vermue is the mayor of the municipality of Zundert, which includes Rijsbergen. “I am particularly pleased that everyone was unharmed and the suspects were arrested,” he told the NOS Radio 1 Journal. She expressed her admiration for the people helping the manhunt.

According to Vermue, the manhunt is having an effect on the people of Rijsbergen. “Parents had to stay indoors with their kids,” she says. He’s going to talk to people in need this afternoon.

Omroep Brabant spoke to several witnesses on the street:

Source: NOS