M5s, Conte blitz in the Chamber: the “anti-Renzi law” appears

New rules for conflict of interest. Giuseppe Conte proposes them, who has presented a bill to the Chamber, of which the political leader M5s, is that, among other things, prohibits conferences and consultations of parliamentarians with foreign states. A standard that has been read as against person to Matteo Renzi, on account of conferences held abroad by the director of Italia Viva, a Saudi Arabian consultant on the construction of green cities.

The bill was soon “renamed anti-Renzi”, explains Il Giornale, and is now incardinated in the House Constitutional Affairs committee. The exam starts next week and the “timing is very tight: the quarterly planning of the Montecitorio works foresees arriving at the Chamber for approval (or rejection) in early April”.

Among the “Provisions on conflicts of interest” proposed by Conte there is an extension of the cases considered as conflicts of interest. Article 15 is renamed the “anti-Renzi paragraph” and reads as follows: “The members of the Senate of the Republic and the Chamber of Deputies, the presidents of the regions and the members of the regional councils cannot accept, during their mandate and in the year following the termination thereof, contributions, services or other benefits with a global value exceeding 5,000 euros per year provided, even indirectly, by Governments or public bodies of foreign States or by legal persons headquartered in a foreign State not subject to to tax obligations in Italy”. The parade is currently restricted to political parties and movements, but the grillini’s goal is to extend it to all parliamentarians and regional councilors.

Source: IL Tempo